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Joints vs Spliffs vs Blunts: What is the difference

Be careful who you ask or you might untie a war
28 December 2020
6 min read
Joints vs Spliffs vs Blunts: What is the difference

  • 1. What is a joint?
  • 2. What is a spliff?
  • 3. What is a blunt?
  • 4. The pros and cons of joints, spliffs, and blunts
  • 5. The bottom line

The world of cannabis is rich in options, in so many different aspects, suitable for every single person and their own unique character and personality. For example, you can vary in terms of strains to get this or that effect, to savor certain flavors, or switch the form of consumption, to get specific effects as well.

When it comes to the ways of consuming marijuana, the variations are plenty, from oral intakes, such as edibles or oil, to smoked forms, like bongs and rolled marijuana cigarettes, such as joints, blunts, and spliffs. However, what exactly changes for instance, between joints, blunts, and spliffs? 

Every true stoner should be able to answer this question without hesitations, just the same as a guitarist can tell the difference between a Stratocaster, a Telecaster, or a Les Paul guitar. But we've all been new to the world of cannabis, and we had to be first introduced and learn the most common weed slang.


Understanding the differences, the pros, and cons of joints, spliffs and blunts.

Understanding the differences, the pros, and cons of joints, spliffs and blunts.

The main differences between joints, spliffs and blunts reside in:

  • Their size;
  • The color;
  • The stuffing;
  • The rolling papers;
  • And the taste.

So, in case you are sort of a newbie to the stoner world, allow us to explain what these three terminologies mean and what are the differences between them.

1. What Is A Joint?

To begin with, explaining what a joint is first would be the best idea. In the weed dictionary, a joint is basically the most common form of marijuana consumption ever to exist and have existed. 


A joint is simply a rolled marijuana cigarette, just that. Saying this, we mean that if what you want to roll, or someone asks you to roll, is a joint, then what you should be stuffing your joint with is weed only, or pure green, as I like to call it. No tobacco or any other weird things inside. 

When it comes to the exterior, joints might look pretty similar to a spliff, but nothing like a blunt. They are normally rolled with single wide rolling papers, although some people also use king size papers or other sizes in between too. 

True stoners understand what a crime it is to roll one with bleached papers (the ones that look white) so make yourself and everyone a favor and get unbleached, organic papers, the brown ones without any suspicious chemicals.


For those who have affection for marijuana, joints are the only way to go.

For those who have a deep affection for marijuana, joints are the only way to go, no tobacco please.

You'll be able to find rolling papers made of hemp, wood pulp, rice, and cellulose, that one that looks transparent. These don't affect the flavor that much and are healthier options. And when it comes to the flavor, joints are the ones to stick truest to the buds' taste, although not quite as much as a vaporizer will do.

If you're looking to enhance the flavor of your joints, some have the theory that rolling without the crutch or filter allows the taste to travel more smoothly. But we recommend this when you're smoking in rather small groups or it can get a tad nasty. 

Check out the following article on how to enhance the flavor of your marijuana:


2. What Is A Spliff?

Now, remember how strict we were about joints being just pure green? That's because some people throw all, joints and spliffs, into the same bag as if they were the same thing, which they aren't.

Spliffs and joints are alike in many ways indeed, they resemble in size and shape, they also use the same rolling papers, but there is one breaking point, their stuffing. While a joint will consist of marijuana only, a spliff is filled with a mix of marijuana and tobacco.

And since the stuffing isn't the same, we can't expect the flavor not to change either. Just imagine, if you drink a coffee without sugar, of course, it won't taste the same as one with sugar or sweetener. 


Spliffs are cannabis cigarettes rolled with a small amount of added tobacco.

Spliffs are cannabis cigarettes rolled with a small amount of added tobacco.

For those who are used to smoking spliffs, they'll claim that the flavor doesn't mutate an inch, however, ask any non-tobacco smoker stoner and they'll be able to taste the tobacco miles away, even if there are only small amounts in it. 

The smoke in spliffs is evidently different, just like a diet soda doesn't taste the same as the normal one. However, some people can be quite stubborn to accept this, but all it takes is some tasting to do to change their minds. 

Spliffs prevail more in certain countries than others; most commonly, Europeans are the ones to smoke more spliffs than joints. It's funny to see those who are used to spliffs starting to cough madly when they come across a pure joint, and hearing them compliment the flavor isn't a surprise either, the tobacco tends to overshadow the weed's heavenly green taste.

3. What Is A Blunt?

Now if you want to see a big, big difference, then let's get to talking about blunts. Just like joints, the interior of a blunt will be pure marijuana only, with no tobacco inside. However, no one can mistake a blunt for a joint. 

The main differing point between joints and blunts resides in the papers employed for rolling. Joints and spliffs, as we've mentioned above, use normal, what is normal though, or regular rolling papers, while blunts are rolled with those brown and thicker ones made of tobacco. 


Blunts are bigger marijuana cigarettes, made of pure weed and rolled with tobacco papers.

Blunts are bigger marijuana cigarettes, made of pure weed and rolled with tobacco papers.

Since the paper in blunts will be much thicker and made out of tobacco, it's quite obvious that the taste will also be altered in blunt cigarettes. In fact, there are pre-rolled blunts that come in many different flavors, such as peach cognac, blueberries, grape, watermelon, and more. 

When it comes to blunts, they can be quite a challenge to roll, and while some might rather use a machine roller to ensure that the blunt is rolled smoothly, a true stoner will most likely take the challenge as a way to show off their rolling skills. 

If you're quite new in the rolling game, then check out this step by step tutorial on how to roll joints to get started. 


When rolling a blunt, there are two main steps you shouldn't forget to follow, the first one is slightly damping the paper before you roll, or else you'll risk breaking it, and then lick heavily when sticking the paper as you give it the final touch. 

4. The Pros and Cons Of Joints, Spliffs, and Blunts

Just like everything in this life is neither black or white but rather grey, meaning they all have their pros and cons, so do joints, spliffs, and blunts. Let's go through the up and downsides of each of them.


JointsMore loyal flavor; stronger effects than spliffs; portable; easy to roll; not as harmful to the lungs. Requires more weed than spliffs; too monotonous; faster burn; easy to roll. 
SpliffsRequires less weed; easy to roll; portable; more energetic effect; reduces tell-tale scent; slower and even burn.Alters the flavor; more harmful to the lungs; easy to roll. 
BluntsBig sized; great for an extreme high; slowest burn; tobacco 'buzz' effect.Altered taste; more harmful than a regular joint; more expensive papers; more difficult to roll. 


However, when it comes to blunts, spliffs, and joints, it's all a matter of personal taste, really. Some people will look at those who smoke only spliffs as criminals, not that we're those, and the same can happen vice versa.

The one thing all of these three methods do have in common is that they all require a grinder as a first step of the rolling process, in fact, grinding is required for most methods of consumption. To pack a bowl correctly, you should grind as well, and so should you for making the cannabutter for your edibles, or for using your vaporizer. 

5. The Bottom Line

If weed ever taught us anything it is to open up our heads, there's no denying that after having smoked marijuana for the first time, our whole character takes a slight change of direction towards being more understanding and more willing to the new and unknown.

Black Sabbath seems to agree on this in one of their songs, where they sing

"You introduced me to my mind [...] My life is free now, my life is clear". -Black Sabbath in Sweet Leaf.

And since cannabis clearly changes the way we see things, it is thanks to it that we get to experience what we never would have experienced before. 

But it's not about letting cannabis do all the job itself, but being curious ourselves and trying different things to get to know ourselves better. Therefore, why not try all three, joints, spliffs, and blunts, and see what are the differences for yourself?

28 December 2020