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The Top 5 Best Sativa Autoflower Strains

Work, party, study, when you need energy, these strains will be there to pick you up.
Author Ryan
08 June 2018
4 min read
The Top 5 Best Sativa Autoflower Strains

  • 1. Blue dream'matic
  • 2. Tangie'matic
  • 3. Six shooter
  • 4. California snow
  • 5. Mexican airlines

Time to party! Sometimes you want a strain that gives you that push for partying, socializing, or even work. Sativa strains are known for their energy and focus boosting effects, and we're here to run down the 5 best autoflower sativas in the Fast Buds catalog. Previously we covered the five best indicas and hybrids.

Blue Dream'Matic

Fast Buds Blue Dream'Matic

A California classic, Blue Dream is the perfect mid-day sativa-dominant strain. It strikes an ideal balance between euphoria and drive that gives the user energy and focuses without becoming overstimulating. Equally, fit for a day with friends, or a day running errands around town, Fast Buds autoflowering version of this west coast classic is a lot more fun than a cup of coffee.

Blue Dream'Matic grows tall, so be sure to give it plenty of room. In addition to the citrus flavor of the original, our take on this marijuana legend includes fruity notes that only improve the taste.

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Fast Buds' Tangie'Matic

Tangie is a citrus wonder that hails from Amsterdam, but has recently become a smoker favorite on the legal market in the US. Tangie's overpowering orange odor and flavor combine with its relaxing, mind-opening effects to create a strain that's perfect for those all weekend smoke sessions. Tangie's effects hit fast, but never fade into lethargy, a trait that's made it a hit with generations of Holland-bound tourists.

Tangie Auto
5 out of 5
If you like to smoke to get on and do stuff, this is a good choice. If you want weed to sleep, I wouldn't recommend this one.
Verified customer
Reviewed 6 May 2020

Like Blue Dream'Matic, Fast Buds autoflowering version of Tangie, Tangie'Matic, likes to stretch and grow tall. If you're a stealth grower with limited space, you might want to look elsewhere, but if you've got the space, Tangie'Matic is a guanteed hit.

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Six Shooter

Fast Buds' Six Shooter

This Fast Buds original strain combines two of our handpicked Mexican Sativas, Crystal Meth, and Mexican Airlines, to create a monster autoflower that hits like a truck and offers the best yields of any strain in our catalog.

Six Shooter Auto
5 out of 5
I received one seed of this variety as a gift and I can say that this is an excellent quality as always. I think it will be a great product)
Verified customer
Reviewed 9 August 2021

Six Shooter will have you buzzing with a powerful, sometimes overwhelming psychedelic sativa energy. It's not a variety that you smoke to relax. A couple tokes will have you overflowing with energy, so before you smoke, make sure you have something to do! Great for parties, dancing, and working out Six Shooter will get you going.

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California Snow

Fast Buds' California Snow

Another Fast Buds' original, California Snow, combines genetics we discovered in California in 2013 with our autoflowering magic, and the result is a fruity, heavy yielding sativa-dominant hybrid with unbelievable yields.

California Snow hits hard and fast with an initial burst of energy before sliding down into a relaxed body high. Not as overwhelming as our Mexican Sativas or Six Shooter, California Snow is perfect for those who want a little pick-me-up but find hard sativas to be too intense or induce paranoia.

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Mexican Airlines

Fast Buds' Mexican Airlines

Nobody beats Fast Buds genetics, except perhaps mother nature. Landraces, wild or-near wild cannabis strains grown commercially, hold a special place in any stoners heart. We bred Colombian and Mexican sativa landraces with Fast Buds' signature autoflower genetics to create the one and only Mexican Airlines.

Mexican Airlines Auto
5 out of 5
Really,really one of the Best sativa autoflower that i ever had.Great high,great taste,great yeld.Thanks a lot <br>
F italian.
Verified customer
Reviewed 12 January 2016

The idea of an autoflowering landrace seems absurd, but one hit is all you need to know that this is the real deal. Landraces offer full-bodied flavor, and energy like nothing else and Mexican Airlines follows in the footsteps of its ancestors. It will get you where you want to go fast. MA hits hard, with an energy rush is so speedy you'll swear you downed a Red Bull.

Author Ryan
08 June 2018