Jim Belushi: From Movie Star to Master Grower

The legendary film comedian and sitcom actor is now happily growing his own brand of weed in Oregon
02 December 2021
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Jim Belushi: From Movie Star to Master Grower

Unlike many other celebrities who slap their name on a package of pre-rolls and call themselves ganja entrepreneurs, Jim Belushi prefers a hands-on approach to the marijuana business. Since 2015, he’s been growing weed plants on his farm in Eagle Point, Oregon and he sells the produce in four states.

The According to Jim star loves his new life far from Hollywood because he thinks he has found inner peace and is pursuing what might be his true calling—that of a weed grower.

X Marks the Spot

Belushi has never been a dedicated weed smoker and his decision to start growing the plant was due to an accident. He was visiting some friends in Oregon and decided to go for a swim in a local river. The ice-cold water and the adrenaline rush caused by it opened something in him and he instantly fell in love with this place.

James Belushi: From Movie Star to Master Grower: The actor seen from the back on his outdoor cannabis farm in Oregon

James Belushi enjoying the special energy of his marijuana farm.

After a few years, he was owning a piece of land here: situated in an “energy vortex”, as he describes it, between two local mountains. Somehow, growing weed seemed a more attractive alternative to cultivating wine grapes, so this is what he does. Belushi has two greenhouses running. He calls them Mothership I and II, and there are 12 to 15 people working in them depending on the season.

Growing the Perfect Medicine

Accompanied everywhere by his German shepherd dog, Belushi personally supervises everything that is going on on his farm: from tending to the plants to making boutique-quality hand-made pre-rolls.

His selection of strains is also anything but ordinary. When partaking of weed himself, the actor “microdoses”, and he doesn’t understand the modern preoccupation with the highest-THC varieties. Of much more value to him is a unique and rich terpene profile.

James Belushi: From Movie Star to Master Grower: The actor posing with many glass jars full of cured cannabis buds

A mouth-watering harvest. And it's all connoisseur-quality bud.

One of the strains in his lineup is the one named Captain Jack. Also known as Gulzar Afghanica, it is famous for making creative juices flow. It was exactly for this reason, that Captain Jack was the go-to variety for the Saturday Night Live team back in the 1970s.

Another gem in Belushi’s collection is Black Diamond OG. One day, a veteran who was suffering from PTSD approached the actor-turned-grower and said that this strain was the only one that allowed him to talk to his family and sleep at night. And this is by no means an outlier. Every seasoned cannabis smoker will tell you that you have to try them all to finally find your “soul mate”.


02 December 2021