Strain History: White Widow

12 May 2020
The most succesful comercialized strain, present in all seed banks nowadays: White Widow.
12 May 2020
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Strain History: White Widow

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  • 1. The history of white widow
  • 1. a. Shantibaba’s version
  • 1. b. Ingemar’s version
  • 2. Original auto white widow: the trichome machine
  • 3. Most common questions
  • 4. White widow terpene profile
  • 5. Grow tips
  • 6. In conclusion

Since it’s release in the 1990s, White Widow has built up a huge reputation. This strain has given rise to a wide variety of new strains and almost all seed bank has its own version of it. However, despite the strain’s popularity, tracking down its exact origins is surprisingly difficult.

1. The History of White Widow

White Widow is without a doubt one of the most successful commercialized cannabis strains on the market today. This famous strain has won a number of awards since its birth in 1994, including first place in the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup.

She is known worldwide for its extremely potent high and highly resinous buds that can surprise even the more experienced smokers and is present in almost all seedbanks nowadays.

Despite its obvious fame all around the world, no one knows where exactly it was first bred. There’s an ongoing discussion that has divided cannabis enthusiasts into two: some believe it was discovered by Ingemar, and others Shantibaba, two very well-known Dutch breeders.


Strain History: White Widow Photoperiodic strain

White Widow created from a cross of Brazilian and South Indian genetics.

Shantibaba’s Version

Shantibaba is a very respected breeder and has worked alongside other very famous breeders, including Nevil Schoenmakers who created the first Dutch seed bank ever.

It is said that Shantibaba found the father to this strain on the mountains of Kerala, in one of his trips to India. When he returned to the Netherlands in the ‘90s, Shantibaba crossed one of those seeds from Kerala to a unique cut of Manga Rosa, a famous variety of a Brazilian landrace. It was thanks to these unique genetics that the cross resulted in the original White Widow, which he bred and stabilized for a couple of years.

A few years later, after some tension with Arjan Roskam the owner of the seed bank he was working at, Shantibaba decided to leave and took the genetics of White Widow with him. He decided to work along with Nevil Schoenmakers and Howard Marks to open their own seed bank and sell his precious strain there.

Ingemar’s Version

Ingemar is a famous breeder from the south of Holland. He claims he found the original White Widow seeds accidentally in a brick of hashish.

When Ingemar realized what he had in hands he proceeded to breed and perfect the genetics for 6 years. In the meantime he became friends with Arjan Roskam who already owned a seed bank and gifted him the original seed and gave him permission to use the name and genetics, thus debunking the story told by Shantibaba. 

Up to this day, Ingemar himself sells the original White Widow and derived crosses on his website.

2. Original Auto White Widow: The Trichome Machine

This old-school legend was upgraded by out Fast Buds team to be able to deliver the already extra resinous buds even to novice growers. Original Auto White Widow is a super reliable and fast-growing strain that will be done as quickly as 9 weeks from seed to harvest.

White Widow Auto
White Widow Auto
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9,00 €
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Customers experience
Instagram White Widow Auto
Instagram White Widow Auto
Instagram White Widow Auto
Instagram White Widow Auto
Instagram White Widow Auto
Instagram White Widow Auto
Instagram White Widow Auto
Instagram White Widow Auto

She will have incredible yields indoors and outdoors, as she is able to withstand hot and cold weather easily.

Her branches will grow tall as she fills with super frosty silver coated, large-sized nugs. Yielding up to 500gr/m2. She will not stretch too much once flowering begins, ranging from 70cm-110cm when fully mature. She can also take on pink and magenta hues as she gets close to her harvest date, revealing her true beauty even further.


Strain History: Original Auto White Widow

Original White Widow Auto on its 10 week from our grower GreenMachine from GrowDiaries.

Original Auto White Widow has a particular taste and aroma the old generation smokers love, a spicy, earthy, and sweet mix with a hint of musk that reminds of spices and dried fruits.

Thanks to her THC level of 20%, she provides a clear-minded and exciting type of high. She will spark your mind up and get you alert, perfect for when you have a lot of things to do, the high is not too racy and will transform into a more relaxing effect the more you smoke.

3. Most Common Questions

How long do the effects of White Widow last?

On average, when smoking it in a joint, White Widow’s effect can last up to 2hs.

What kind of high does White Widow give?

White Widow will have a Sativa-like effect at the beginning, slowly transforming into a more relaxing Indica-like high the more you smoke.

How much CBD does White Widow contain?

The amount contained depends on genetics but White Widow can have up to 4% CBD.

What strains are similar to White Widow?

Strains similar to White Widow are Original Auto AK, Original Auto Amnesia Haze, and Silver Haze, among others.

Why is White Widow named like that?

White Widow was given this name because of the huge production of trichomes, giving her a sugared look and also because it has a tendency to not fully color up.

4. White Widow Terpene Profile

White Widow's aroma doesn't do justice to its potent high. White Widow's aroma is a nice blend of pepper, herbs, and citrus and is composed of the following terpenes (approximately).

The main terpenes are: 2.25% Linalool, 0.55% Caryophyllene, 0.85% Pinene.

The secondary terpenes are: Limonene, Terpinolene, and Humulene in a concentration of less than 0.01%.


Strain History: Original White Widow Auto

Original White Widow Auto from our grower GreenMachine from GrowDiaries.

5. Grow Tips

We recommend planting this lady outdoors until late in the year, as she can take colder and wet climates with ease, and during the hot summer months will really showcase her yield capabilities. She is highly recommended to beginner growers that are new to autoflowers who need a sturdy and reliable strain that can be left to grow with very little maintenance.

White Widow well known for its extreme resin profile when trimming your plants we advise you to collect all the leaf material to make hashish or another type of concentrate. She also performs incredibly well when performed techniques of LST on her.

6. In Conclusion

White Widow is the result of years and years of breeding and perfecting, there’s no way you’ll be disappointed with her. She was made with the best genetics by the best breeders of the Netherlands and doesn’t deliver anything less.

Our Fast Buds version of this incredible strain is recommended for everyone looking to grow extremely frosty flowers, especially for hash makers. As the name Original Auto White Widow says, this strain is a serious resin producer and you will literally be harvesting white buds covered in trichomes. This was one of the best choices for old-school growers and still up to this day honors her reputation.