Tobacco and Weed: Everything You Should Know About Spliffs

What happens with spliffs? Oh, only a CRIME, say goodbye to the beautiful taste of green
09 April 2021
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Tobacco and Weed: Everything You Should Know About Spliffs

  • 1. What is a spliff?
  • 2. Understanding the effects of marijuana and tobacco
  • 2. a. What are the effects of tobacco?
  • 2. b. What are marijuana's effects?
  • 3. So, what happens when you mix these two components?
  • 3. a. Say goodbye to the tasty green flavor
  • 3. b. A tuned-down type of high
  • 3. c. Risks linked to tobacco use
  • 4. The bottom line

Among the most common ways of consuming marijuana, you most likely have heard of smoking joints, blunts or spliffs, taking bong or pipe rips, and eating edibles.

The thing is, these methods of consumption aren't traditional just because, but most likely because of, either their benefits, such as the ones that edibles provide, or due to the easiness that engaging in them involves. 

For instance, there's nothing easier than rolling a joint or spliff, when you've already mastered the art of rolling. However, smoking a joint or a spliff isn't precisely the same thing. 


Tobacco and Weed: Everything You Should Know About Spliffs: Find all about this mix!

Find all about this mix of tobacco and marijuana.

Let's explain what spliffs are and what happens when you smoke them.

1. What Is A Spliff?

If you're already a part of the stoner culture then you're most likely already familiar with the term spliff, but allow us to explain to the more inexperienced crowd.

While the term can vary depending on the country of residence, normally a spliff is considered to be a rolled cigarette that's stuffed with a combination of tobacco and marijuana. Meanwhile, a joint will be a weed-only rolled cigarette. 

However, in the old days, 'spliff' was also a common old-school term used to refer to the normal joint, or a particularly fat one, mostly in places such as Jamaica, or in the United Kingdom, you'll hear it over a thousand times in the TV series 'Skins', for example.


But, later in the United States, they adopted this term exclusively for the mix of weed and tobacco, and this use of the term has spread all over the world nowadays. 

So, make sure you're on the same page with the pal who's rolling on your next sesh or you may or may not find tobacco stuffed inside your joints, and according to your preferences, have a not-so-pleasant surprise. 

2. Understanding The Effects Of Marijuana And Tobacco

So, since the stuffing isn't the same in a joint and a spliff, you can normally expect the effects to vary as well. When you smoke a spliff you can expect some of the following outcomes: 

  • The flavor of your marijuana to be overshadowed by the tobacco;
  • A softer high than the one a pure joint would normally provide; 
  • An enhanced head-type of high;
  • Higher health risks due to tobacco, and more.

However, let's dive further into what happens when you mix cannabis and tobacco by differentiating the effects of each.

What Are The Effects of Tobacco?

The main component present in tobacco, and the one responsible for most of the sensations it produces is the famous nicotine. In case you've never smoked a cigarette before, congratulations first, then, let us explain what it feels like. 

Nicotine tends to cause two contradictory feelings, relaxation and alertness at the same time. How? Well, after the act of inhalation, even more during the first couple of times, you'll most likely experience a kind of fuzz, a lightheaded feeling, associated with a sedative effect. 


Tobacco and Weed: Everything You Should Know About Spliffs: Learn what effects nicotine and cigars cause.

Learn what effects nicotine and cigars cause before understanding spliffs' effects.

The ingestion of nicotine causes a change in the way the brain perceives the act of feeling good, before and after its consumption. Firstly, it causes instant relaxation and a sense of pleasure, but once the chemical reaches the brain, it leaves it wanting more, which, in the long run, can lead to bigger anxiety, and hence the alertness. 

At the same time, tobacco consumers can mostly agree that nicotine makes people less likely to experience feelings of hunger, which is quite contradictory to one of the most common effects caused by marijuana: the munchies. 

And lastly, we should point out the main difference between tobacco and weed: tobacco has seriously addictive properties that marijuana doesn't, alongside other nasty and serious health risks which we'll get into later on. 

What Are Marijuana's Effects?

While finding a pattern among the effects that cannabis can provide, the truth is that they can vary a lot depending on several different aspects, such as the strains, the consumer, and the surroundings. 

Nevertheless, let's try to point some of the most commonly found results of marijuana consumption. Depending on the CBD and THC balance, users will most likely report feelings of either a body or mental relaxation, or a soft combination of both. 


Tobacco and Weed: Everything You Should Know About Spliffs: Find out what weed's most common effects are.

Find out what weed's most common effects are.

At the same time, smoking weed can produce sensations of euphoria, it may help relieve anxiety, aid in the regulation of poor sleeping schedules, and it can even boost the appetite.

Read the full article on what getting high feels like to get a better view of what are marijuana's effects:


Keep in mind, however, that when it comes to weed, everyone experiences the effects differently, and that the context of the consumption, whether it's at a park or at a party, as well as the people who you smoke it with can definitely influence the experience. 

3. So, What Happens When You Mix These Two Components?

So, when we look at the effects of marijuana and tobacco separately, they can be both matching and contradictory at the same time. On one hand, we know that weed produces big feelings of hunger, while the nicotine in tobacco often acts as an appetite suppressor. 


Tobacco and Weed: Everything You Should Know About Spliffs: How do weed and tobacco blend together?

How do weed and tobacco blend together? Find out!

Likewise, both components tend to produce feelings of relaxation, so we could assume that they compliment each other on this aspect. But let's go through the consequences that such a mix produces. 

Say Goodbye To The Tasty Green Flavor

One thing that truly infuriates me as a non-tobacco smoker, is how the weed's flavor is completely ruined when it's mixed with tobacco in a spliff. Since spliffs are quite common in Europe, it's not uncommon to hear things such as "wow, this weed tastes good!" when I pass one of my usual pure joints over.


Tobacco and Weed: Everything You Should Know About Spliffs: When you mix tobacco and weed, say bye to weed's flavor.

When you mix tobacco and weed, say bye to weed's tasty flavor.

It's not just that I'm smoking good quality, tasty buds, although it does make a difference, it's just that these guys aren't used to actually sensing the weed's flavor: they will normally kill it by mixing tobacco into their joints, so they're just not used to the beautiful, green taste of a pure one. 

In fact, it's these same spliff-smoking people who will be coughing for minutes straight after hitting a pure joint. This is because the smoke of these vs a spliff is different as well, and the way you're meant to inhale it changes as well. Small and short puffs do best, and straight to the lungs, wink-wink.


So, take it easy the next time you smoke a pure joint if you're used to spliffs, or else you're likely going to experience the usual stoner cough, which doesn't necessarily mean you'll get higher.

Meanwhile, for those of us on the pure-joints team, the case is quite the opposite. When we smoke a spliff thinking it was a pure one, the smoke can lead to a sore throat, not to mention the horrible taste in comparison to pure doobies. 

A Tuned-Down Type of High

Another thing that I've noticed after smoking spliffs is that, being used to smoking pure joints, I simply don't feel as high. Why? Well, it just makes sense, there's less weed inside these cigarette blends. 

So, since a spliff usually contains a 50-50 weed and tobacco stuffing, this means you're smoking less weed, therefore, getting less high. The times I've left people high off their heads after passing over a pure joint are uncountable. 


Tobacco and Weed: Everything You Should Know About Spliffs: When you smoke a spliff you use less marijuana.

When you smoke a spliff you use less marijuana.

The thing is, the human body adapts, so for those of us used to smoking pure joints, we're that, already used to them, we've tamed this bull. But the spliff smoking part will definitely notice the difference. Sit, watch and enjoy the show: couch-lock, exaggerated laughing, napping urges and more are yet to come.

Therefore, this could mean that you consume less marijuana if you smoke spliffs, although I'm quite against this thought. Why? Well, while, yes, you do smoke less weed in spliffs, you're also less high, which means you'd actually need to smoke bigger amounts to get as high as those who're smoking pures. 

Risks Linked to Tobacco Use

At the same time, mixing tobacco into your joints also means you'll indulge in the harmful effects that this substance is famously linked to, such as lung cancer, hair loss, poor dental health, and more. 

While smoking cannabis isn't necessarily healthy, since we're still inhaling smoke into our lungs, which is definitely not healthy, still it doesn't cause half the harms that tobacco consumption causes.


Tobacco and Weed: Everything You Should Know About Spliffs: We can't ignore the risks that smoking tobacco involves.

We can't ignore the risks that smoking tobacco involves.

In fact, marijuana is associated with several anti-cancer properties and other health benefits, none of which tobacco could be attributed with. Besides, tobacco causes addiction, which weed also doesn't. 

However, tobacco smokers could actually benefit from spliffs as a method to reduce their tobacco consumption and get rid of their addiction since people don't normally smoke as much when smoking spliffs rather than cigars.


Besides, marijuana could actually ease the anxiety that the signs of withdrawal usually produce. Read the article above on how cannabis may aid in addiction recovery. 

4. The Bottom Line

It's hard to be objective as a non-tobacco smoker since I'm quite against the use of tobacco in general. But, don't look at me, look at the facts: smoking pure joints is far healthier than smoking spliffs is. 

Besides, not only you skip many of the negative side effects associated with tobacco consumption, but the taste is also better. If you want to prove you're a true stoner or a cannabis connoisseur, then the first step is to stop adding tobacco to your joints! Only then it'll make sense when you discuss flavor, aromas, and types of high!

What about you? What do you think about the mix of marijuana and tobacco? Send us your comments!


09 April 2021