Top Sanitation Tips For Successful Cannabis Growth

Why and how to keep your garden clean to avoid problems in your grow tent.
02 July 2021
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Top Sanitation Tips For Successful Cannabis Growth

  • 1. Why should you keep your grow space clean?
  • 2. When should you clean your grow space?
  • 3. How to clean your grow space
  • 3. a. Cleaning the grow tent
  • 3. b. Cleaning the ventilation system
  • 3. c. Cleaning the pots
  • 3. d. Let everything air-dry
  • 4. Homemade recipes for grow room sterilization
  • 4. a. Bleach
  • 4. b. Hydrogen peroxide
  • 5. How to keep your grow space clean
  • 6. In conclusion

Just like feeding your marijuana plants and maintaining a good environment for them to grow in, sanitation is a vital part of growing cannabis plants. Keeping your grow space clean helps you prevent bugs, mold and other problems that appear when your grow is dirty so cleaning it before and after growing is vital. So read along to learn about why and how to clean your grow tent!

1. Why Should You Keep Your Grow Space Clean?

Just like with everything else, a dirty environment promotes diseases and pests so by keeping it clean you make your space (and cannabis plants) less attractive to pests such as spider mites, aphids, whiteflies, and mold. As you may know, despite being really small, these bugs can destroy your marijuana plants and if you don’t deal with them, they will continue to appear in your next grow cycle so it’s essential that you not only clean the space but also keep it clean to keep it bug-free.

Apart from the pests and diseases, not cleaning your tent will result in dust accumulating on the floor and equipment, and water puddles on the floor which can cause your equipment such as exhaust fan and filter to not work properly and organic matter such as leaves or substrate to rot on the floor, which also attracts pests, so make sure you everything is clean at all times!

2. When Should You Clean Your Grow Space?

As mentioned, it’s vital you clean your grow tent, and this should be done every time before you place the cannabis plants inside (before starting/after finishing your grow cycle). To do this correctly you will have to use a cleaning solution, there are a couple of homemade cleaning solutions that you can make but you may be able to find cleaning products in your local grow shop, depending on where you live. In order to clean everything properly, make sure you clean all the surfaces, including the insides of the grow tent and all the equipment inside and, once you’re done, let it dry and ventilate before placing your plants inside so your cannabis plants don't absorb the products used.


Top sanitation tips: when to clean

You should clean your space every time before placing your cannabis plants inside.

Also, if you’re cleaning after finishing your cannabis grow cycle, make sure to clean the pots and material you’ve used such as scissors or shears, trim bins, etc. Once your space, equipment, and material are clean and you’ve let everything dry properly, you can go ahead and place the plants inside. One thing to keep in mind is that despite everything being clean, it’s recommended you change your clothes before checking on your plants to keep things as clean as possible.

3. How To Clean Your Grow Space

As mentioned, it’s important you clean everything, from the grow tent itself to the pots, but how? Well, if you’re wondering how, here are 5 tips on how to clean your marijuana grow space correctly.

Cleaning The Lights 

Make sure you clean your lights with care to avoid damaging them, if you’re growing light bulbs now would be a good time to replace the bulbs if needed. If you don’t need to change them (or if you’re growing with LEDs) wipe them very gently to remove the accumulated dust, also clean the cables. To do so you don’t necessarily need to use a strong solution, you can mix 30 ml of vinegar with 970 ml of water and it will work just fine.

Cleaning The Grow Tent 

It’s very important that you switch all the equipment off before starting but the extraction fan should be running to remove toxic fumes if you’re using strong chemical products, such as bleach for example. Ideally, you should remove the lights but you can leave them hanging if it’s too hard for you to do it, just keep in mind that removing them will make everything easier. Remove everything from inside the grow tent, including pots, equipment, and thermometers, and then start by sweeping to remove the dirt which is the most common place where bugs hide.


Top sanitation tips: cleaning your grow space

Remember to unplug equipment and leave the extractor running to remove toxic fumes.

Once you’ve finished cleaning the floor, make sure you use a cloth to clean the rest, starting from the top; If you’ve dealt with bugs on your cannabis plants before, consider using an organic insecticide to kill all traces of pathogens or bugs that you’ve missed. Remember that you will have to leave the extractor running for 8-24hs before re-entering your grow tent if you opt for using an insecticide.

After you've finished the first phase, it’s time to prepare the cleaning solution. Now, you can use whatever you want but for more effective cleaning, mix 50 ml of bleach with 950 ml of warm water and use a cloth to wipe the inside and outside of the grow tent. If you’re not growing you cannabis in a homemade tent, make sure to replace plastic or mylar sheets if they’re damaged.

Cleaning The Ventilation System 

After cleaning the tent and lights, you can go ahead and switch off the exhaust fan to work on it. So start by dusting off the outside of the fans and duct tubes; Make sure to examine the ducting for damage and use duct tape to fix it or replace it if it’s easier. Most carbon filters last around 12 - 18 months of use, so remember to assess if it’s time to replace it and do it if needed, also, if you’re using an ozone generator, assess if the ceramic plates need to be changed, in most cases, these plates last around 14 - 18 months so make sure to check this to start your next grow cycle with everything in perfect conditions.

Cleaning The Pots 

Once everything is clean, take the pots outside if possible (or far from the grow tent), mix 50 ml of bleach and 950 ml of warm water, and wash and scrub them thoroughly. If possible, use natural products to avoid leaving chemical residue on the pots, which can eventually come in contact with your cannabis plants.


Top sanitation tips: cleaning the pots

Clean the pots and rinse them twice to ensure you've removed the cleaning products completely and avoid them coming in contact with your cannabis plants.

Rinse at least twice to ensure you’ve removed the chemicals from the pots and leaves to dry. Have in mind that fabric pots can be cleaned in the washing machine, allowing you to save effort and time. The different types of containers may need more (or less) time for you to clean them, so make sure you scrub them as much as necessary!

Let Everything Air-Dry 

In order to avoid your plants having contact with the chemicals used to clean your grow tent, make sure everything is air-dried. You can accelerate the process by using a fan or something to promote airflow but make sure you let them dry for at least 10 hs in order to be sure you’re not placing your plants while everything’s still humid or damp. Once you’ve finished cleaning and drying, you can start to put your grow tent together, then double-check everything is working properly and you’re ready for your next grow cycle!

4. Homemade Recipes For Grow Room Sterilization

Even if you sweep and remove the visible dirt, leaves, and substrate, for example, there still are insects, pathogens and other microorganisms that just aren’t visible to the naked eye. This means that you will need to actually sterilize the grow room to remove harmful microbes such as fungi, viruses, and bacteria, and to do this you need chemical cleaners. Just remember that if you're growing organically there are beneficial microorganisms that actually help your cannabis plants grow so make sure the cleaning solution doesn't come near your substrate and your cannabis. 


Top sanitation tips: homemade recipes

You can opt for natural cleaning products but bleach or hydrogen peroxide works great!

The most common chemical products used to do so are bleach and hydrogen peroxide, and both of them can be used to give your grow tent that extra clean-up before placing your plants inside. Just remember that you can always use natural alternatives if you're not comfortable using bleach to clean your grow space.


Bleach works very well but can leave a residue that cannot come in contact with your plants or substrate, and can also irritate your eyes and lungs so be careful! 

Homemade Bleach Recipe

Bleach50 ml
Warm Water950 ml


Once you’ve mixed the cleaning solution, it’s just a matter of wiping down your grow tent and letting it air-dry before placing your plants inside, which should take a maximum of 24hs.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide also works very well against pathogens, this is the most recommended product because it’s not toxic so the risk of contaminating the substrate or plants is relatively low. 

Homemade Hydrogen Peroxide Recipe

Hydrogen peroxide30 ml
Water970 ml


Once you’ve got your mixture ready it’s just a matter of not only cleaning the grow tent but also the pots, fans, lights, and every piece of equipment you have in your tent. Now, if you don’t want to use any of the chemicals mentioned, there are a couple of alternatives which may not be as effective but will surely be better than not cleaning, they are:

  • Vinegar;
  • Neem Oil;
  • Alcohol wipes;
  • And detergent.

Always remember that some chemicals can burn your cannabis plants and can be harmful to our sking so you should use a mask, goggles, and gloves to protect your lungs, skin, and eyes!

5. How To Keep Your Grow Space Clean

Now that you’ve spent time and effort cleaning your grow tent don’t let it get dirty. Here are a couple of tips to help you keep your garden as clean as possible.

1. Make Cleaning Easy

The best way to make sure you clean when needed is to make it as easy as possible so make sure you have everything close to your grow tent, this way you can clean your space really fast and without wasting valuable time.

2. Disinfect Your Hands Often

By disinfecting your hands before working on your plants you avoid bringing pathogens and bugs from outside so have a sanitizing station at the entrance to make it quick and easy.


Top sanitation tips: keeping your grow space clean

Top tips for keeping your space clean and avoiding problems when growing cannabis plants.

3. Don’t leave Water Standing

Don’t leave water in cups or buckets because spores may land on them and they will become contamination sources so dump out leftover water and always water your plants with fresh water.

4. Clean The Tools Between Every Plant

Cleaning your tools before working on a new plant is essential to prevent cross-contamination. Failing to do this may infect your plants with pathogens that you didn’t even know were present, such as the Hop Latent Viroid.

5. Don’t Leave Trash In Your Grow Space

Remember to always take out the trash, even a little bit of soil in a trash bag may attract unwanted visitors to your cannabis plants, so take out the trash or leave it as far as possible from your grow tent.

6. In Conclusion

Cleaning your grow space or grow tent may feel like a hard task but it really isn’t, and by following these tips you can make it even easier to grow your cannabis plants. Cleaning your tent will definitely prevent problems that may be way harder to solve once they happen so make sure to clean daily or at least check if you need to do it.


If you have other tips to help fellow growers keep their grow space clean and avoid problems when growing cannabis plants, please leave a comment in the comment section below!

02 July 2021