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Can Cannabis Buds Be Used to Make Extracts

23 March 2023
Cannabis buds can be enjoyed in several ways including extracts. But, you don't need to spend a lot to purchase concentrates as they can be made at home. Find out how to make a few common extracts in this article!
23 March 2023
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Can Cannabis Buds Be Used to Make Extracts

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  • 1. What are cannabis extracts?
  • 2. What buds should be used to make extracts?
  • 3. What extracts are made using cannabis buds?
  • 3. a. Dry ice hash
  • 3. b. Rosin
  • 3. c. Hash
  • 3. d. Cannabis oil
  • 4. How to identify good weed for hash
  • 5. How to identify bad weed for hash
  • 6. In conclusion

There are many things you could do with your favorite cannabis seeds. From bubble hash to rosin to shatter, there are a lot of methods that can be employed to enhance the power of your marijuana. Extracts are more expensive compared to flowers, so it makes sense to use what you have. However, you might use the extracts in no time leaving you with nothing, so plan ahead.

Before we begin discussing extracts, it’s important to understand if the buds you have can be used to make concentrates. So, let’s get to the basics and you’ll be making your own extracts.

1. What are cannabis extracts?

Cannabis extracts, also known as cannabis concentrates are nothing but a potent form of your traditional buds. Depending on the type of extract you’re trying to make, it can be in a dry, powdery and oil form. For instance, Dry Ice Hash is an extract of the trichomes on the bud while Hash Oil is an extract of the buds in liquid form. Cannabis extracts are typically more potent than regular buds. This is because they contain only the premium trichomes that are carefully extracted in a variety of techniques. For medical marijuana users, extracts are best since they deliver the right amount of THC/CBD required to aid illnesses. Cannabis extracts are also used as topical treatments to cure skin cancer and other skin problems. Some extracts are easy to make, but others like Butane Hash Oil, also known as BHO are a little dangerous because it involves the use of Butane. Please don’t try anything fancy if you’re a beginner. However, if you’ve made some extracts before, you can try anything.


Can Cannabis Buds Be Used to Make Extracts: what are extracts

Extracts are basically trichome heads without plant material.

Beginners can start with Cannabis Oil because it’s the easiest. Some also start with Dry Ice Hash since you don’t need a lot of tools except a few screens. Even the kief lying at the bottom of your grinder is an extract. Whether you’re smoking the kief in a bowl or mixing it with a joint, you’re already using an extract! Making complicated cannabis extracts can be time-consuming. It takes time and a lot of planning. The idea is to extract something potent that inherits all the properties of the buds. If you take the time to research, the resulting extract you make will be even better than the buds as the fragrance, taste, and potency will be enhanced further. Of course, it won’t last as long as the buds, but you can fix this problem by growing your own marijuana at home.


To sum it all up, extracts are exactly how they sound—they extract the key phytochemicals that we’re all after, such as THC and CBD, and leave many other unwanted products behind. You see, cannabis buds are made up of many different compounds, including things you don’t necessarily want to smoke, such as chlorophyll, fats, waxes, proteins, and cellulose. The addition of these molecules in cannabis flowers dilutes their potency; cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other key compounds only make up a small amount of their weight. In contrast, extracts contain much, much higher levels of these compounds. This means you only need a tiny amount of extract to experience the same effects as a larger amount of cannabis flower. Because of this, some extracts also offer smoother and better tastes thanks to the removal of harsh substances found in the flowers.

2. What buds should be used to make extracts?

Making a good extract depends a lot on the trichomes. If you use dry compressed buds that you bought from a shady dealer, you won’t end up with a quality extract. However, if you grow your own cannabis at home, you’ll surely have freshly cured buds that’s just awesome for extraction. Do not use uncured or freshly cut buds to make any kind of extract because it’s just a waste of time. All that plant matter will ruin the taste for you.


Can Cannabis Buds Be Used to Make Extracts: what to use

You should use the frostiest flowers if you want to make top-shelf extracts.

The potency of the buds increases only when the buds are properly dried and cured. It’s also when THCA breaks down to THC, thus delivering a psychoactive effect. So, if you use fresh buds, it will not be potent because THC hasn’t even formed yet. You can also purchase buds from your local dispensary but that’s going to dig a deep hole in your wallet. You’ll need a good amount of buds to make a small amount of extract. And buying an extract is super expensive, so you’re better off growing cannabis at home.

The best types of buds used for extraction are the ones covered with resin. It also depends on what you expect from the concentrate. For instance, if you’re looking for something that allows you to work throughout the day while delivering a Sativa high, Blue Dream ‘Matic and Green Crack will fit the bill perfectly. However, if you’re looking for something that’s akin to a sedative, Blackberry Auto or Cream Cookies may be the ones you’re looking for. It’s best to understand what the strain is meant for before you start making the extracts.

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3. What Extracts Are Made Using Cannabis Buds?

Dry Ice Hash

Ice Hash is nothing but the trichomes extracted from the buds. Dry ice is sprinkled over the buds in a bucket fitted with several layers of sieves. It’s perhaps the fastest way of extracting all that juicy resin from the flowers. You can also use plant trimmings if you have any. After harvesting the buds, simply freeze the trimmings in a bag, and you can use them whenever you’re ready. Sieves are available in different microns, but the smaller the micron, the premium the hash. Premium dry ice hash is typically sandy white in color, but if you shake the bucket a little more, you’ll end up with more plant matter. If you’re interested in smoking only the premium stuff, make sure you shake only for 5 minutes with a 73-micron sieve.


Rosin is extracted from cannabis buds that are sticky and juicy with a lot of resin. It’s nothing but resin in a liquid form that forms after applying some sort of pressure. Strains like Gorilla Glue work perfectly for this. Making Rosin is easy with no danger involved unless you stick your hand into the hydraulic press! While some growers may use a hydraulic press, others use a hair straightening iron to get the job done. The buds are packed in a mesh bag and placed in the press along with a parchment paper to collect the Rosin that flows out. The Rosin then solidifies and you simply scrape it off with a dabber.


Hash is one of the most popular forms of marijuana. There are two ways to make hash. The first method involves making Hash with live plants. Hash made using live plants is also referred to as Charas, and it’s very popular as ‘Cream’ in many parts of the world. Marijuana farmers use their bare hands to extract resin from live plants when they are still growing in the fields. They rub the plants vigorously until their hands are filled with resin. After they extract all the resin, they use a hot knife to gently scrape the hash from their hands. The Hash is flattened or made into small balls and then sold to interested customers.

Similarly, you can make this at home. Clean your hands well. Take a bud that’s covered with resin, place the dry bud in between your palms and gently roll it. Use circular motions but don’t squeeze the bud too much. This is to avoid the plant matter from sticking to the Hash. After a while, you’ll see thick, resinous hash forming on your hands. Use a knife to scrape it and store it in a safe place. And, that’s it! You have homemade hash!

Cannabis Oil

There are many uses of cannabis oil. For one, you can consume a drop every day (if it’s very concentrated) and for two, you can use it as a salve. Skin cancers are becomingly dangerously common due to sunburns. If you’ve gone to a spa for a suntan, you’d know just how easy it is to overdo things and bear the brunt of your ignorance. In such cases, cannabis oil can really help. There are several ways the oil can be made and some ways include using alcohol. However, alcohol is flammable and you should experiment only if you have experience handling it. For now, I’ll show you the easiest way to make cannabis oil, and it can be used for pretty much anything including burns, cuts, boils, and other skin problems. Take the best buds you’ve got and grind them coarsely, but don’t crush them too much. For this recipe, you’ll need the best quality buds. You’ll also need coconut oil in 1:1 ratio. So, for instance, if you’re using an ounce of bud, use only an ounce of oil.


Can Cannabis Buds Be Used to Make Extracts: cannabis oil

Remember, you can also make cannabis oil with extracts!

Use a crockpot for this recipe because you don’t want to burn both the cannabis and the oil. Now, add the oil and water to the crockpot. Once the coconut oil melts, add the cannabis buds and mix everything together. Let the temperature go up to 120 C. Now, turn the heat to its lowest setting and allow the mixture to simmer. Wait until the mixture is uniform but don’t let all the water boil off, lest you want to burn the mixture of cannabis and oil. It might take anywhere from 6 to 12 hours for it to turn into a homogenous mixture. Sometimes, it may take longer than expected, so be patient. Next, drain the water through a sieve or cheesecloth. You’re now left with the oil and bud mixture that can be pressed to remove the oil. Refrigerate this mixture and it’s ready to be used when the oil floats on the top. Collect the oil at the top carefully, and use it as an edible or salve, depending on how you like it. As you can see, there are several ways to make extracts or concentrates from buds. Most strains can be used to make extracts, but it’s best to experiment with both Indica and Sativa to see how you like it.

4. How to Identify Good Weed for Hash

First of all, it’s important to know that you will be able to make hash with any weed but not all flowers will produce enough trichomes to justify making hashish. The best buds to make hash as visibly resinous flowers with a majority of capitate-stalked trichomes, this type of trichome can be seen with the naked eye and usually have a big “head”. Some strains are known for producing this type of trichome and are preferred when making hash because the heads are easy to release from the stalk of the trichome which is desirable when making hash.

5. How to Identify Bad Weed for Hash

On the other hand, there are flowers that can have a lot of trichomes but the trichomes don’t have the right quality and sometimes do not qualify for hash making. This happens because the trichomes can release cannabinoids and terpenes during the extraction process, which is not desirable. So when making hash you should look for flowers that have big heads so that they can release from the rest of the trichome easier, which will result in a better-tasting, smelling, and more potent extraction. 

So if you’re looking to get the best seeds to make top-quality hash, make sure to take a look at our

Which produce some really nice trichomes with big heads that’ll make for delicious extracts and concentrates.

6. In Conclusion

Keep in mind that all strains can ultimately produce top-quality hash as long as you provide the right environment, harvest it at the right time, and process it correctly. But, remember that the type of trichomes and quality of the resin is determined by genetics so it’s always recommended to start with the right genetics, especially if you’re a beginner. Practice makes perfect, so always experiment with new strains and new extraction methods until you find the right one for you!