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Gorilla Glue Auto Strain History

22 June 2022
Every cannabis strain has a unique history. Read on to about Gorilla Glue and how it got its potency in this article.
22 June 2022
10 min read
Gorilla Glue Auto Strain History

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  • 1. It’s all in the genetics
  • 2. Why is gorilla glue so special?
  • 3. The history of gorilla glue #4
  • 4. The history of gorilla glue
  • 5. The effects of gorilla glue
  • 6. How to grow gorilla glue
  • 7. Gorilla glue strain faqs

While many countries are still taking baby steps to legalize marijuana, countries like Uruguay and Canada have taken the lead by legalizing both medical and recreational cannabis. It’s not only exciting for cannabis connoisseurs, but growers who were more into stealth growing are now coming out in the open to profess their love for cannabis and, of course, to flaunt their growing styles. There has never been a better time to grow cannabis in history and most folks understand this very well. Growers almost compete with each other to display their best strains and there’s a mad rush to grab and plant seeds that have a history of the best strains possible.

1. It’s all in the genetics

While growers are all set to grow the best seeds, you can see many companies taking part in this booming industry. In fact, most strains have an elusive history attached to them. The more mysterious the history, the faster it’s sold. It’s a bigger bonus if the plant has solid genetics. You can’t go wrong with strains that have strong parent plants.

Previously, strains were named according to their geographical location like the Hindu Kush, Afghan Kush, etc. But now, things have changed creatively. Indeed, it piques the curiosity of the grower. After all, who doesn’t want to grow cannabis that comes with an element of mystery?


Gorilla glue auto strain history: it's all in the genetics

Super resinous GG #4.

 Of course, these strains actually deserve fame because a lot of hard work goes into preserving the original strains. In fact, some of the names can make you think of your childhood fondly. Take Girl Scout Cookies, for instance. “Does it really taste like cookies?” is perhaps your first question and you wouldn’t be alone to wonder. With the advent of technology, these strains are bred in such a way that they do exactly what they are meant to. They are powerful and deliver a high that can make the best of you go numb, and not in a bad way. Even medical patients are now seeking strains with the highest THC content to cure their illnesses.

Thanks to breeders with a passion to develop the best strains while preserving the original classics, we now get to grow and enjoy marijuana that’s completely on another level. Over the years, many strains have gained immense popularity, but the one that stands out is Gorilla Glue #4.

2. Why is Gorilla Glue so special?

If you’re an avid grower or someone who follows cannabis strains closely, you have definitely heard of the famous Gorilla Glue. Why is Gorilla Glue so special? I’ll tell you why. From its taste and aroma to its exceptional ability to get you glued to your couch, this strain has done it all. It was named Gorilla Glue mainly because it grew monstrously and growers complained that they had to ditch their scissors when they tried to harvest the plant. Gorilla Glue has the reputation of developing so much resin that it can glue your scissors and render them useless! Yeah, Gorilla Glue is that powerful. Not only is it dank and sticky, but it also delivers a powerful high that makes you go back for more. Potent cannabis strains are a plus, but it’s even better if you have a high-yielding potent strain. A complete win-win, right?

3. The history of Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4) has no doubt gained a solid reputation. But, have you wondered where it originated from? The history of this plant isn’t all that mysterious, but it has managed to steal its place in the hearts of many growers. It all started a few years ago when Joesy Whales – a breeder – planted a few cannabis plants together. His chosen strains were Chem Sis and Sour Dub. Both strains are super powerful, but things were probably not working as Joesy had planned. As Joesy tended to the plants, he noticed that his Chem Sis plant had turned into a hermaphrodite or hermie as it’s usually known. This is the last thing any grower or breeder wants. After all the research and hard work, it’s disconcerting to see plants go to waste. Most growers prefer seedless cannabis because marijuana reduces its potency drastically once it begins producing seeds.


Gorilla glue auto strain history: the history of gorilla glue #4

Gorilla Glue, one of the most famous cannabis strains out there.

Joesy’s Chem Sis had not only hermied, but it had pollinated the Sour Dub as well. Bummer! Nobody wants to smoke cannabis that’s filled with seeds because it’s pretty much useless. You can only imagine Joesy’s frustration because breeders put in a lot of time and effort to create jaw-dropping strains. Joesy was so disappointed that he threw everything away, including the plants. Fortunately, his friend, Mardogg, grabbed some of the seeds. As a curious grower, he planted the seeds after a year, and the result produced four phenotypes of Gorilla Glue. The plants were named #1, #2, #3, and #4, but #3 didn’t quite make it. After testing the phenotypes, the chosen one was…any guesses?! Yep, it was Gorilla Glue #4. She wasn’t just some regular cannabis plant, but she was actually a strain with mind-blowing genetics. GG4 went on to win too many cups, and thus become very popular.

4. The history of Gorilla Glue

So, GG#4 is super famous, but what about our very own Gorilla Glue? Well, it has an interesting story behind it too. You know, with great strains come great stories and all that? After GG4 won several awards including the Best Hybrid at Michigan HighTimes and SoCal in 2014, we were fortunate to try the original strain. We absolutely fell in love, and creative ideas about how we could use the genetics of the plant were already playing on our minds. We grabbed a clone and immediately began researching to include it in our catalog that already contains strains with awesome genetics. Once we studied the strain’s genetics, we created our very own Gorilla Glue. And, mind you – it’s not only as potent as the original with about 22% THC, but it’s also yummy.


Gorilla Auto
5 out of 5
first time ever growing and got some amazing colors from this strain with low temps ran it at about 58-64 for 2 weeks and got this color
Jackin Meoff.
Verified customer
Reviewed 26 December 2017


Combined with its genetics and ability to grow large, GG is one of the best strains in our seed library. It’s a joy to watch this plant grow as she begins loading trichomes at the final stages of flowering. And, if you’re wondering whether the excitement surrounding the original was just hype, you gotta remember that it won several cups in a row. Only the best strains get the most prestigious awards and GG4 deserved each and every one of them. You might not like GG a lot when you’re harvesting, though, because it literally glues your gloves and scissors. She’s a beauty who dazzles in all her glory. And the best part is that you only need to wait about two and a half months to harvest her.

5. The effects of Gorilla Glue

A combination of Sativa and Indica, GG is perfect for nighttime. Sure, you’re going to be glued to the couch (another reason why she got her name) but you’ll also feel the effects of the Sativa. It starts with a mild buzz at first, but it later develops into euphoric sensations. As the THC interacts with the chemicals in your brain, you will feel the effects enveloping you like a warm blanket on a cold winter night. The taste is brilliant with a delicate combination of citrus and pine notes. You can recognize this girl from afar mainly because of her beautiful aroma. The aftertaste is a strong diesel since the strain contains terpenes that add more to the flavor.

6. How to grow Gorilla Glue

If you can’t wait to get your hands on this strain, you have company. Most growers love cultivating this plant because it’s so simple and easy to grow. The only thing you need to remember is to provide proper containers that can accommodate its huge size. When growing outdoors, the containers should be at least 11-13 gallons or 50 liters in size. If growing indoors, use slightly smaller containers. Make sure that the pot drains well or you’ll end up with root rot. And, this rule applies to every other plant you grow.

Since GG grows into a huge plant, you need to fertilize well from the very beginning. Organic soil will also do. No matter what medium you use to grow, she will pack a lot of flowers. This strain is also hungry for light, so make sure that you have powerful lights to achieve bigger yields. You can also employ training techniques like LST, Topping, and FIMming to encourage the plant to produce bigger buds.


Gorilla glue auto strain history: how to grow gorilla glue

How to grow the Gorilla Glue cannabis strain.

As the plant grows a bit and proceeds to the flowering stage, you can sit back and watch the show. Within a few weeks, the leaves and trichomes burst into several colors that range from blue to silver. The plant is literally covered with so much resin that it looks like it’s covered with a generous amount of snow. GG achieves a percentage of THC that’s higher than most strains. Its potency is perfect for patients looking to receive help with several illnesses including Asthma, Epilepsy, Herpes, Arthritis, Rheumatism, and a lot more. Of all the seeds we present to you, GG is not actually the biggest, but she’s the best when it comes to quality. Gorilla Glue’s dank buds will make you drool and you simply cannot resist her.

7. Gorilla Glue Strain FAQs

Is The Original GG #4 an Indica or Sativa strain?

The original Gorilla Glue strain is a cross between one Indica-dominant, one Sativa-dominant, and one balanced hybrid strain, this means that depending on the Gorilla Glue phenotype you get, you can get an Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant, or a 50/50 hybrid.


What are the Parents of the Original GG #4?

Gorilla Glue is the result of a triple cross, meaning three strains were used to breed the GG #4, they are Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel. This genetic blend creates a unique flavor and effect which is what makes the original Gorilla Glue so famous.


What’s the Flavor of the original GG #4?

The Original Gorilla Glue exhales an extremely pungent aroma inherited from its parents. The taste is sour, earthy, and with strong diesel nuances. These delicious flavors also pack a punch as the THC contents for the original Gorilla Glue can range anywhere from 18% up to 30%.


What are the Effects of the original GG #4?

Thanks to its high THC content, Gorilla Glue offers a really chill and relaxed sensation that reduces stress. A great type of effect for social scenarios or just relaxing, extremely recommended for day and night use as it can also treat pain and stress. Just remember that smoking too much will glue you to the couch!


What Strain Similar to GG #4 Can I Find?

Well, the “#4” after “Gorilla Glue” means the GG #4 is a phenotype of the original strain. This means that you’ll be able to find several other Gorilla Glue’s in the market. Having said that, according to the original breed of GG the Gorilla Glue #5 is the most potent so make sure to check it out.


Did the Original Gorilla Glue Win a Cannabis Cup?

Yes! The original Gorilla Glue won first place at the L.A. Cannabis Cup back in 2014. This is probably the most important award but the variety has won many more since then.