Cannabis Concentrates: How To Make Rosin

Rosin is a high-quality solventless concentrate made solely by applying heat and pressure.
18 June 2020
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Cannabis Concentrates: How To Make Rosin

  • 1. Rosin
  • 2. What is rosin?
  • 3. Why is rosin different?
  • 4. How is rosin made?
  • 5. Is rosin a full-spectrum extract?
  • 6. In conclusion

Rosin is one of the easiest concentrates you can make at home. Unlike other extracts like BHO which uses solvents, rosin is solventless and only requires heat and pressure to be made, making it safer to produce.

1. Rosin

Over the past couple of years, rosin has become more popular, although applying heat and pressure was not invented exclusively for cannabis.

The desire to produce good quality concentrates at home has increased the amount of rosin presses available in the market, and although rosin presses are called “everyman’s concentrates” due to its simplicity, this concentrate can be of super high quality. 

2. What Is Rosin?

Even though it is a solventless concentrate and the production process is different, it is commercialized with the same purpose as solvent-based extracts: a more potent product.


Cannabis Concentrates: Rosin pouring out

Rosin pouring out of the filter bag.

And like all other similar products, rosin is a more potent product that consists of extracting all the compounds in the trichomes, discarding the plant material, and keeping what matters the most to almost all consumers: cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

3. Why Is Rosin Different?

Actually, rosin itself is not much different from solvent-based extracts.

The difference is in the process because rosin is made with a machine in which we control the heat, pressure and how long they are applied, we can achieve almost all the different consistencies and textures in the market.

By applying different combinations of heat and pressure we can make from shatter to sugar, budder, wax, and even THC diamonds.

4. How Is Rosin Made?

Rosin can be made at home with a rosin press, nowadays there are a lot of brands to choose from, each one having its cons and pros. Even though their price can be elevated for the usual home grower, starting at around $350, the investment is worth it.

Have in mind that the final product will depend on the quality of the material going in, if you can grow really good flowers, the result can be as good as or better than what you find in a lot of dispensaries.

To make rosin properly, you will need flowers or hash, a rosin press, filter bags, and parchment paper.

Tip: To produce the best rosin possible, instead of pressing flowers you have to press kief made with the water hash or dry sift hash methods.

Cannabis Concentrates: Rosin materials

Materials needed for making rosin.

The first step is to fill the filter bags with cannabis, make sure you leave a little bit of space so when the filter bags are smashed they don’t blow out. 

These filter bags are similar to the bags used when making bubble hash or the filter mesh used in dry sift and will allow the oils to come out while the plant material stays in the bags.

The filled filter bags must be placed inside an “envelope” of parchment paper, this paper is where the rosin will be collected, so you must use quite a big piece of paper folded in half, with the filter bag full of cannabis in the middle.


Cannabis Concentrates: Rosin press

Rosin press.

After you have everything ready, you have to adjust time, temperature, and pressure, this is entirely up to you and the product you wish to achieve. These factors also depend on the brand of rosin press you’re using, make sure you have all the info you need before starting to make your own rosin.

When you have everything ready to go, place the parchment paper with the bag in the middle of the two press plates and start the process, after around 1 min you will see the rosin starting to flow out. 

Depending on the consistency you’re going for, you can have a glass jar to collect the rosin or if you’re going for a more sappy texture, you can collect it from the parchment paper. 

If you can’t afford a rosin press at the moment, you can start making your own dabs at home with a hair-straightener, obviously, the quality won’t be near as good as with a rosin press because you cannot control anything other than pressure but the process is pretty similar.

5. Is Rosin A Full-spectrum Extract?

As said above, with a rosin press you can control almost every aspect of the final product, so you can make full-spectrum rosin, but not all rosin has the full spectrum of cannabinoids.

Full-spectrum concentrates are those which have all the different cannabinoids, to make full-spectrum rosin you must make it with a low amount of heat, this will affect the consistency and texture.


Cannabis Concentrates: Rosin

Rosin ready to be consumed.

The low heat needed to make full-spectrum rosin will result in a more sappy consistency because it contains more oils, while diamonds and shatter need more heat and this will result in the evaporation of more cannabinoids and terpenes, resulting in a more brittle and potent product, like shatter or diamonds.

6. In Conclusion

Rosin is a very good way to make high-quality concentrates (obviously the quality depends on the material you’re pressing). Not only it makes good concentrates but it gives the user vast control of all variables, making it possible to produce almost every type of consistency and texture in the market.

If you’re adventuring into the rosin world, make sure you start with the highest quality material possible. For that, we recommend our new Strawberry Pie Auto.

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