Gorilla Cookies FF Cannabis Strain Week-by-Week Guide

Author Aleph One
28 November 2023
Look at our Gorilla Cookies FF growing guide to get insights into cultivating this plant both indoors and out.
28 November 2023
46 min read
Gorilla Cookies FF Cannabis Strain Week-by-Week Guide

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  • 1. Grow specification
  • 2. Grow set up
  • 3. Germination and seedling stage| week 1
  • 4. Early veg | week 2
  • 5. Mid veg | weeks 3-6
  • 6. Transition (pre-flower) | week 7
  • 7. Early flower | weeks 8-9
  • 8. Mid flower (bulk phase) | weeks 10-11
  • 9. Ripening and harvest | week 12
  • 10. The outcome
  • 10. a. Gorilla cookies ff yield
  • 10. b. Gorilla cookies ff smoke report
  • 11. In conclusion

Gorilla Cookies Fast Flowering is a cannabis strain that excels on multiple fronts, making it a top choice for growers and smokers alike. Cultivators will appreciate its exceptional resilience and ease of cultivation as well as high yields of visually striking, resin-rich buds. This strain delivers an intense euphoric high that transitions into a long-lasting, soothing relaxation, making it a must-try for those seeking potency. In the world of cannabis, Gorilla Cookies Fast Flowering stands out as a versatile and rewarding option for enthusiasts and cultivators.

Welcome to the definitive guide on cultivating Gorilla Cookies Fast Flowering. In this comprehensive week-by-week journey, we will take you through every stage of this exceptional strain's growth, from germination to harvest. By following our expert advice, you'll be well-equipped to nurture your own bountiful crop of these candy-like, sweet, and apple-scented buds. Whether you're a novice or an experienced grower, this guide will provide you with invaluable insights to ensure a successful cultivation experience.

1. Grow Specification

Gorilla Cookies FF is a cannabis strain that embodies the perfect blend of Sativa and Indica, having 55% and 45% of those, respectively. The plant’s XL size and impressive height of up to 250 cm outdoors make it a striking addition to any cultivation setup. Gorilla Cookies FF is a relatively quick grower, with a flowering period of just 7 weeks, making it a convenient choice for those looking to harvest an early crop. When cultivated indoors, you can expect to yield between 500-650 g/m2, making it a lucrative option.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: specs sheet

Gorilla Cookies FF specs sheet.

When it comes to the consumption experience, Gorilla Cookies FF doesn't disappoint. With a THC content of up to 29% and negligible CBD (< 1%), it packs a punch that's perfect for both recreational and medicinal users. The taste profile is a delightful combination of cookie, earthy, and kushy flavors that come together in a harmonious symphony for your palate. This strain's balanced genetics create a dynamic effect that's both uplifting and relaxing, making it an ideal choice for those looking to unwind while maintaining a clear mind.

Gorilla Cookies FF
· Power to the grower.
· Whopping 29% THC!
· Extremely resistant.
· Top-shelf terps.
· A massive producer.
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2. Grow Set Up

We have looked through several Gorilla Cookies FF grow diaries and selected four that seemed the most detailed and had good pictures. In this guide, we'll be looking at all four, providing weekly data on their environmental conditions. You can also glean some details about all four grow setups in the table below. Please note that one of the grows was outdoors and the rest indoors.


  Grow Space Light Medium
A Backyard Sun Soil/Coco/Perlite
B 1.83 m2 720W LED 100% Soil
C 2 m2 1600W LED 70% Soil / 30% Perlite
D 0.45 m2 240W LED Biobizz light-mix

Gorilla Cookies FF setup and grow specifications.

Although Gorilla Cookies FF was specifically developed for outdoor cultivation in climates with short summers, it's such a versatile plant that it also thrives in indoor gardens. You'll bear witness to this by following our week-by-week guide and seeing how successful each grow was. If you want even more insights into cultivating this strain, watch this video:


Learn more about Gorilla Cookies FF by watching this video.

3. Germination And Seedling Stage | Week 1

No matter if you plan an indoor grow from seed to harvest or want to cultivate Gorilla Cookies FF outside, we recommend starting your plants indoors as weed seeds and seedlings are vulnerable to the elements and thrive in mild, fully controlled, and consistent conditions that you can only realisticaly create in enclosed space. At the start of your grow cycle, pay special attention to warm temps and high relative humidity.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: week 1 grow conditions

Week 1 grow conditions.

Cannabis seed germination is a crucial first step in the journey of cultivating your plants. Among the various methods available, the most common approach is the wet-paper-towel method. In this method, cannabis seeds are placed between moistened paper towels or cotton disks, creating a humid environment that encourages germination. Some growers further increase the chances of successful germination by pre-soaking the seeds in a glass of water. If you choose this method, it's important to note that while the seed may float on the water's surface, if it sinks, you should not keep it submerged for more than 12 hours to avoid suffocation.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: germination and seedling stage | a seed pre-soaked in a plastic cup filled with water and a cracked seed with the taproot showing

If your seed sinks, remove it within 12 hours or when you see it crack. ©Hashy

Creating the right conditions is paramount for successful germination. Warm temperatures and high humidity are key factors here. To facilitate these conditions, consider using a propagation tray (see the photo below) equipped with a special heating mat. These tools help maintain the ideal environment for germination, ensuring your seeds have the best chance to sprout.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: germination and seedling stage | propagation tray

It's warm and humid in this propagation tray -- an ideal environment for germination. ©KRAAL

Once the taproot has emerged and grown to about half an inch (1 cm) in length, it's time to transplant the seedling into the growing medium of your choice. Prepare a small hole in the medium to accommodate the seedling and leave enough space to cover it with about half a centimeter of moistened medium. This will help the sprout shed the seed hull, giving it a strong start in life as it emerges from beneath the medium.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: germination and seedling stage | a sprout that has just come up and hasn't straightened itself yet

The seed shell was lost while sprouting. ©Hashy

For growers dealing with multiple plants simultaneously, especially in the early stages, using small containers like solo cups for the first two weeks can be incredibly convenient. This approach simplifies the watering process, saves space, and minimizes electricity usage as you can cluster several plants under a single, less powerful light source.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: germination and seedling stage | seedlings sprouting in party cups

Saving on space and electricity bills with small starter containers. ©Silverback_Guerilla

Another convenient option for starter containers is using jiffy pots. These biodegradable pots or cups can be later transplanted into the final containers, and the plant roots will naturally grow through the walls of the jiffy cup into the surrounding medium, making the transition smoother for your young cannabis plants.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: germination and seedling stage | a seedling in a jiffy pot and a spacious tent with 12 airpots and a humidifier

Jiffy cups ensure stress-free transplanting. ©Northern_Ent ©KRAAL

Maintaining the correct distance between the light source and your plants is essential to ensure they don't stretch excessively. If you observe that the stem has become too weak to support the leaves on top, and it starts to bend, you should provide support. This can be done using stakes, wires, or other suitable materials to ensure the healthy growth of your young cannabis plants.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: germination and seedling stage | a stretchy seedling supported by wire

This grower has allowed his Gorilla Cookies FF seedling stretch a bit too much. ©Hashy

4. Early Veg | Week 2

In the early stages of the vegetative growth period, young plants develop a few sets of true leaves, become robust, and basically stop being seedlings. Now, they can even handle being transferred outside but only if the weather is mild and stable. If not, keep your saplings indoors as they'll benefit from the carefully controlled conditions that you've created in your indoor grow space. However, if summer has arrived, there are no ground frosts, and night temps don't go below 10C, start hardening your Gorilla Cookies FF by putting it outside for a few of hours every day so that it gets used to the sun and the temperatures.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: week 2 grow conditions

Week 2 grow conditions.

The seedling stage is a crucial phase in the development of your cannabis plants. During this period, the initial progress may appear slow, as the most significant changes are occurring in the root zone, which remains hidden from view. However, as you progress through the second week, you'll begin to see the first pairs of true leaves emerging. If the growth is healthy, you'll notice that with each new pair of leaves, they grow larger and span wider than the previous ones. This visible growth is a positive sign of your plant's health and development.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: early veg | a seedling's progress through the 2nd week

This one is still small and would be better off indoors. ©Northern_Ent

Determining the right moment to transplant your seedlings into larger pots is essential. You can assess this based on the roots and the leaves. If the roots have occupied all the available space in their current container or the leaves are extending beyond the edges of the pot, it's a clear signal that the plant needs more room. It's important not to allow your marijuana plants to become root-bound, as this can hinder their growth and overall health. Fabric pots, with their breathable walls, provide an excellent long-term home for cannabis plants, as they promote oxygenation, which the plant's roots thrive on.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: early veg | seedlings growing in party cups and after a transplant into smart pots

Transplanted at just the right time. ©Silverback_Guerilla

Having your plants in big containers with lots of nutrient-rich medium saves you from the trouble of giving them extra nutrients with water. However, if you chose coco coir or other inert medium or grow your weed hydroponically, you'll need to feed your plants practically from the start. Just go low and slow at first, which means giving your plants some 1/4 of the dose recommended by the manufacturer. If plants react favorably, you can up the dosages any time.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: veg nutrient schedule

Gorilla Cookies FF veg nutrient schedule.

Airpots, with hundreds of holes in their walls, offer an even greater advantage than smart pots mentioned above as they ensure optimal oxygenation of the growing medium. To ensure that the roots do not suffocate, it's essential to water your cannabis generously but not too frequently. Striking the right balance in watering is crucial for healthy development during the seedling stage.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: early veg | small plants in airpots basking under a LED light

Watering small plants in large pots is quite a challenge. ©KRAAL

Lighting requirements remain important throughout the seedling stage. Young plants should not be inundated with excessive light, but they should receive an adequate amount. If they receive too little light, they can exhibit characteristics similar to outdoor plants in cool and cloudy climates, becoming stretchy, weak, and in need of external support. Therefore, maintaining the correct light intensity is key to nurturing robust and healthy seedlings as they transition to the vegetative phase.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: early veg | 3 young plants in grow bags in an indoor tent and a closer shot of one stretchy plant supported by wire

Lower the light a bit if you see your Gorilla Cookies FF stretch too much. ©Hashy

5. Mid Veg | Weeks 3-6

When your plants start to get big, they stop caring for the environment to be exactly right and do well in a wider range of temperature and humidity conditions. Nevertheless, keeping those in the sweet spot will ensure your plant's continued health. Outdoors, your best bet is using portable containers that you can bring inside any time the weather changes for the worse and threatens your young cannabis.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: weeks 3-6 grow conditions

Weeks 3-6 grow conditions.

The commencement of the vegetative phase marks the onset of explosive growth in new foliage and side branches. During this stage, your cannabis plants undergo a rapid transformation as they fill the available grow space, and it may even become crowded due to the burgeoning growth.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: mid veg | weed plants vegging in a SOG setup

Lush like a rainforest. ©Silverback_Guerilla

To prevent uncontrolled vertical growth and create a more structured canopy, many growers opt to employ various training methods. One of these methods involves the use of ScrOG (Screen of Green) nets. These nets are strategically positioned to direct the growing branches outward until they occupy all the available space, resulting in a horizontally expansive and uniform canopy.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: mid veg | 3 young plants bushing out and trained with a ScrOG net

Figure out how to handle watering when you install ScrOG. ©Hashy

Another technique for stimulating lateral growth and creating a flatter canopy is topping the main stalk. This process involves snipping the main stem's tip and carefully spreading the side branches in an outward direction. This encourages the plant to develop multiple main colas rather than one dominant central stem.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: mid veg | a topped plant with lateral branches spread out and tied down

Topping will result in many branches and buds by harvest time. ©Northern_Ent

FIMing, short for "F**k, I Missed!" is a form of topping where the main growing point isn't entirely removed. Instead, you cut the apex approximately halfway. This method temporarily hinders the growth of the main shoot, promoting more vigorous lateral growth.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: mid veg | a plant's top after a FIM procedure

This Gorilla Cookies FF has been just FIMed. ©KRAAL

However, the main stem will eventually recover and continue to grow, albeit with a somewhat mangled appearance. It's important to note that the FIMed apex will remain active and become the site where future buds will develop.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: mid veg | a FIMed plant recovering after the procedure

Recovering from FIM. ©Hashy

Depending on various factors such as the length of the grow cycle, available space, and the desired canopy shape, you can opt to perform topping multiple times during the vegetative stage. Initially, you can cut the main stem to encourage branching, and subsequently, you can perform additional toppings on the side branches to maintain an even canopy and maximize your yield. This flexibility allows growers to tailor their plant's structure to meet their specific goals and space constraints.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: mid veg | an outdoor plant in a portable grow bag topped and trellised

A topped and trellised Gorilla Cookies FF. ©Northern_Ent

6. Transition (Pre-Flower) | Week 7

Gorilla Cookies FF starts to flower early and finishes fast outdoors, but it isn't an autoflower, so it needs a change in light schedule to finish the vergetative phase and enter the budding phase. Indoors, this means switching to 12/12 when you think that your plants have reached the needed size. In the four grows that we've been following, three indoor plants commenced flowering around 6-7 weeks from seed and in about 2 weeks after the 12/12 flip, while the only outdoor plant in our growing guide spent 12 weeks in the vegetative stage and then gradually started to transition as summer was nearing its end.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: week 7 grow conditions

Week 7 grow conditions.

Cannabis plants that have matured sufficiently to enter the flowering stage exhibit a few telltale signs. One of these is the alternating pattern of nodes on the main stem and side branches, which means that the leaves don't grow in pairs but each is positioned slightly higher than the previous one. Another significant sign is the emergence of the first preflowers, typically found around the middle nodes of the plant. Female preflowers appear as a pair of tiny hairs, often challenging to spot unless you scrutinize the plant closely.

As the transition to the flowering phase begins, you can observe the change in how the plant tops look. They tend to become lighter in color, sometimes even taking on a yellowish hue. Experienced growers recognize this shift as a clear indicator that the next step is the emergence of buds, heralding the official onset of the flowering phase.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: transition (pre-flower) | an outdoor plant with a flat multi-branch canopy

There's no mistake - the flowering is about to begin. ©Northern_Ent

Inspecting the plant tops during this stage reveals that the new leaves growing here are noticeably thinner and more curved. These may raise questions, with some wondering if these are, in fact, pistils. However, it's important to note that true pistils will make their appearance a bit later, usually within a week from the start of flowering.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: transition (pre-flower) | a plant's top on the cusp of flowering

Ready to flower but not quite there yet. ©Hashy

As the flowering phase progresses, the plant tops begin to bristle with these thin leaves and female hairs dispersed between them. This transformation gradually spreads to every lower bud site, and you can witness the formation of numerous new potential bud sites. This proliferation of budding sites is a promising sign of the flowering process.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: transition (pre-flower) | the first pistils showing on top

It's official - the flowering has begun. ©Hashy

The initiation of flowering doesn't signify the cessation of vegetative growth; quite the opposite. During the early weeks of flowering, vegetative growth continues at an even faster pace, and the branches undergo a significant stretch. Simultaneously, the formation of buds takes place, creating a dynamic growth pattern.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: transition (pre-flower) | an indoor tent full of plants that have just started to bud

Flowering is underway. ©Silverback_Guerilla

It's crucial to be aware that the demand for resources, especially light, increases significantly during the flowering phase compared to the preceding vegetative stage. Consequently, it's essential to find the ideal balance in terms of the distance between the light source and the canopy. This adjustment ensures that the plants receive the appropriate amount of light to support their heightened metabolic activity during the flowering stage, ultimately leading to healthy and bountiful yields.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: transition (pre-flower) | a spacious indoor SOG garden shot from above, with the first flowers forming on tops

When basking in enough light, plants look squat and lush. ©KRAAL

7. Early Flower | Weeks 8-9

Outdoors, cannabis plants start to flower when the summer is about to end and the weather turns less warm during the day, with even cooler nights. Indoors, you can emulate these conditions by slightly lowering temperatures too. Much more important than temps is the relative humidity. Unfortunatelly, the end of summer usually brings more rains, and this presents a challenge outdoors - when the buds are constantly wet, there's a risk they become moldy. In home gardens, you have the perfect opportunity of keeping the RH at a desired level through the use of exhaust ventilation and dehumidifiers. Use this opportunity to gradually bring down the readings on your hygrometer all the way to 30-35% by harvest.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: weeks 8-9 grow conditions

Weeks 8-9 grow conditions.

The initial stages of flowering can be both exciting and challenging. One notable aspect you'll witness during this period is the stretch of your Gorilla Cookies Fastflowering plants. This growth spurt can be a major headache if your grow space isn't spacious enough to accommodate unrestricted growth. To tackle this, employing different training techniques is crucial. Techniques like low-stress training (LST) or topping can help control the height and spread of your plants. Additionally, inducing flowering at the right time can help keep the plants manageable. It's essential to remember that cannabis plants can easily increase in size by 50-100% during the flowering stretch.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: early flower | an outdoor plant in a pot stretching and forming the first buds

The flowers on this Gorilla Cookies FF aren't quite prominent yet. ©Northern_Ent

As the plants stretch towards the light in the early flower phase, they continue their journey of flower formation. At this point, the buds may appear small, and the spaces between them on the branches might seem excessive. However, rest assured that they will soon grow and ideally fill in the internodal spaces. This is a crucial time in the development of the flowering structure.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: early flower | an indoor plant with a flat canopy and multiple branches

This Gorilla Cookies FF is more bushy than stretchy. ©Hashy

Cannabis strains can vary in terms of aroma. Some may start to emit a noticeable scent even in the vegetative phase, while others remain relatively low-odor. However, when the flowering phase kicks in, the majority of cannabis varieties begin to release a strong and distinct scent.

For growers with larger indoor gardens and multiple plants in close proximity, this can become an issue. To address this, it's often necessary to install a carbon filter in your grow space to control and neutralize the strong odors effectively.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: early flower | an indoor SOG garden

This Gorilla Cookies FF garden must emit a very strong odor. ©Silverback_Guerilla

With your Gorilla Cookies Fastflowering plants entering the flowering phase and starting to fill out with buds, their appetite for nutrients undergoes a significant shift. Most notably, their requirements change. During this phase, cannabis plants need less nitrogen and more phosphorus and potassium. This shift in nutrient needs is why it's essential for a grower to transition from using the vegetative nutrient formula to the flowering one. Properly adjusting the nutrient mix will support healthy bud development and maximize your yield.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: flower nutrient schedule

Gorilla Cookies FF flower nutrient schedule.

The quality of your Gorilla Cookies Fastflowering strain is often judged by the amount of resin it produces. In some of the stickiest strains, resin glands called trichomes can appear quite early in the flowering phase. These trichomes give both the flowers and the leaves surrounding them a frosted, crystal-like appearance. Keep a close eye on the development of these resin glands, as they play a significant role in the potency and overall quality of the final product. The presence of abundant trichomes is a promising sign of a high-quality yield.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: early flower | a plant's flowering apex generously covered in trichomes and white pistils

So much frost on sugar leaves is a good sign. ©Silverback_Guerilla

8. Mid Flower (Bulk Phase) | Weeks 10-11

As the buds continue to fill out, it becomes doubly important to monitor and control temperature and relative humidity parameters. It's not so easy outdoors, but luckily, Gorilla Cookies FF starts flowering very early and has every chance to finish before the weather really takes a turn for the worse. Alternatively, you can plant it into grow bags and thus retain the option of taking the plants inside for especially cold nights, heavy rain, or hailstorms.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: weeks 10-11 grow conditions

Weeks 10-11 grow conditions.

During this crucial stage of cannabis flowering, you'll witness a remarkable transformation as the buds begin to cover the entire length of branches, forming what experienced cannabis growers often refer to as "colas." These colas are the pride and joy of weed cultivators, representing the pinnacle of their growing efforts. However, even as the flowers become increasingly substantial and heavy, it's important to note that the pistils surrounding them are still predominantly white. This color signals their immaturity and underscores that the magic of development is far from complete.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: mid flower (bulk phase) | a medium tall bushy plant in a backyard and a closeup of its frosty top

The colas aren't as fat as in indoor plants, but this is compenstated by a greater number of them. ©Northern_Ent

One factor that greatly influences the appearance and development of colas is the intensity of the light source. When provided with powerful and penetrating lights, colas have the potential to become exceptionally long as the light reaches all the way down to the lower branches. In contrast, with weaker lighting, the flowers tend to concentrate primarily at the top of the plant. In such cases, you may observe empty spaces between the middle bud sites, while the lower portion of the plant often yields small and fluffy buds, which are disparigingly called "popcorn buds."


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: mid flower (bulk phase) | a big mature-looking multi-branch marijuana plant flushed with a shower in a bathroom and a closeup of its resinous cola

Very different but equally mouth-watering colas. ©KRAAL ©Hashy

In the chart below, you can see that the four Gorilla Cookies FF specimens in our grow guide stayed quite compact despite the fact that this isn't an autoflower. This is what happens if you don't let the vegetative stage last too long and induce the flowering early enough. The only exception was the Gorilla Cookies FF grown outside - this one had a longer veg and eventually reached a height of 137 cm.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: height chart for the whole life cycle

Gorilla Cookies FF height chart for the whole life cycle.

Every cannabis grower harbors a dream of achieving a high calyx-to-leaf ratio, which is when the cola appears to consist almost exclusively of densely packed flower clusters, with only a few leaves sporadically peeking out. This optimal structure is a genuine blessing, especially when it comes to post-harvest activities like trimming. A high calyx-to-leaf ratio significantly reduces the time and back-breaking effort required during the trimming process, making it an ideal goal for cultivators seeking a bountiful and efficient harvest.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: mid flower (bulk phase) | a big frosty cola with a great calyx-to-leaf ratio

The calyx-to-leaf ratio seldom goes higher than this. ©Silverback_Guerilla

9. Ripening And Harvest | Week 12

As your Gorilla Cookies FF plants mature, your main concern is to keep day temperatures down to somewhere between 23-25C. More importantly, the relative humidity should be kept below 40%, or else you'll run a very high risk of such fungal infections as mold, bud rot, and powedery mildew. Fat and dense buds are every grower's dream, but they are also the ones most susceptible to these diseases.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: week 12 grow conditions

Week 12 grow conditions.

In the last weeks leading up to the much-anticipated harvest, your cannabis plants require possibly the largest amounts of nutrients and water. This stage is critical because soon you'll need to transition to plain water, preparing your plants for their final stages of growth. Notably, nitrogen (N) becomes less important than ever during this period, and an excess of it can even interfere with the development of your precious flower buds. Instead, the focus shifts to phosphorus and potassium (P and K), which are needed in larger doses than ever to support the maturation process.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: ripening and harvest | a maturing weed plant and its colas

Long and fat colas with a minimal number of leaves. ©KRAAL

As you approach the end of the flowering phase, you might reach a point where you no longer notice significant changes in the appearance of the buds. Days may pass, and the size of the buds appears static. However, this doesn't signify the end of flower development. The buds continue to evolve, growing denser and heavier, which ultimately results in a more substantial yield when it's time to harvest.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: ripening and harvest | a maturing indoor marijuana plant with many brown pistils on its cola

Quite mature-looking and frosty. ©Silverback_Guerilla

As you get closer to the harvest date, your vigilance becomes paramount because your main task now is to pinpoint the perfect moment for reaping your plants, ensuring they reach the peak of their cannabinoid content. One common method to determine the right time for harvest is to observe the pistils – most of which were white before the flowering phase – as they transition to a brown hue. However, this isn't the most reliable indicator.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: ripening and harvest | a mature cola with resin crystals on flowers and trim leaves

THC 'crystals' everywhere. ©Silverback_Guerilla

The most reliable method for gauging peak maturity is to closely examine the trichomes using a hand microscope. These tiny resin glands undergo a color transformation as they fill with THC, other cannabinoids, and terpenes. They begin as clear, turn cloudy when they reach their peak potency, and eventually start to amber out as the THC degrades.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: ripening and harvest | 3 indoor plants in a ScrOG setup pre-trimmed before the harvest and a closeup of its resinous bud

An insane amount of resin! ©Hashy

Transitioning your plants to plain water, as mentioned earlier, is a necessary step in ensuring the final product is cleaner and boasts better taste. This procedure, known as the final flush, serves to remove built-up salts from both the root zone and the plant tissues. The duration of flushing varies between soil and hydroponic grows, with soil typically requiring a longer flushing period.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: ripening and harvest | a bushy plant grown in a portable container outdoors and a closeup of its not quite mature bud

It's not always feasible to let outdoor weed plants reach full maturity. ©Northern_Ent

Once you've ensured your plants are well-fed and flushed, it's a smart move to begin trimming them before harvesting. This step can involve removing larger fan leaves and other unwanted materials. After trimming, it's time to hang your plants out to dry in a dedicated dry room. Creating the right conditions in terms of temperature and humidity is vital during this process. A suitable temperature range is around 60-70°F (15-21°C) with humidity levels of 45-55%.

As the branches dry, you'll want to determine the optimal time to cut the buds from the branches, considering both the visual appearance and feel. Post-harvest, curing your buds in glass jars is a crucial step. This process typically lasts for a few weeks to a few months, depending on your preferences. Curing enhances the flavor, aroma, and overall quality of the finished product by allowing the moisture to redistribute and the compounds to mature properly.

10. The Outcome

Although setups, conditions, and the techniques used were different, the results of all four grows were everything a weed grower could wish for. You can see it for yourself in the graphic below:


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: outcome

Gorilla Cookies FF grow details and outcome figures.

Gorilla Cookies FF Yield

Grower A reaped the most generous reward among all four as his outdoor Gorilla Cookies FF plant spent many extra weeks in veg and turned into a medium-tall and wide bush with a great number of branches. The final haul was 405 g (14.29 oz) of dry bud.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: outcome | an outdoor bud right before the harvest and the same bud hung upside down to dry

Impressive amount of resin for a plant grown outside. ©Northern_Ent

Grower B's results were equally amazing. Though his Gorilla Cookies FF's life cycle lasted full 7 weeks shorter, he harvested a respectable 144g (5.08 oz) of appetizing, frosty stuff.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: outcome | an indoor plant trimmed pre-harvest and a growers hand giving a thumb up next to the plant's central cola

The buds aren't just big but very dense-looking. ©Silverback_Guerilla

Grower C's plant turned out even more generous and brought an amazing 200g (7.05 oz) after a grow cycle of 16 weeks.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: outcome | too big long roughly trimmed buds just cut from the plant

These extra-long colas pack a lot of weight. ©KRAAL

Finally, Grower D's wet yield was 539g (19.01 oz), which may sound less impressive, but Gorilla Cookies FF was just one of three plants in a small grow tent, and the product was top-notch.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: outcome | a bunch of small but tight buds and a closeup of one put on top a grinder's teeth

Just the right size for a grinder. ©Hashy

Gorilla Cookies FF Smoke Report

The smoking experience with Gorilla Cookies FF is a true delight, as attested by positive reviews from cannabis enthusiasts. When you first encounter this strain, you're greeted with a familiar and enticing aroma that's reminiscent of other strains with “Cookies” in their name. The initial impression is one of fruity sweetness with hints of citrus, promising a sensory journey that's both familiar and intriguing.

This fragrant bouquet sets the stage for what's to come as the buds cure and their flavors develop, keeping you in eager anticipation of the full range of taste and aroma that this strain has to offer. Once you take that first puff, you're in for a powerful and long-lasting buzz that's a hallmark of Gorilla Cookies FF.


Gorilla Cookies FF cannabis strain: smoke report

What do smokers say about Gorilla Cookies FF.

11. In Conclusion

As you have seen in our Gorilla Cookies FF growing guide, this strain is really fast-flowering and can be successfully cultivated in climates with relatively short and cool summers, competing in this niche with autoflowering strains. Indoors, you can also hope to get your harvest quite fast - just 13 weeks from seeds in two out of four cases - and this timeline is also comparable with some longer-maturing autos.

If it gets enough light, Gorilla Cookies FF stays quite compact and is a perfect plant for either a SOG or ScrOG setup where a flat canopy with multiple tops results in an abundant harvest. Strong lights are also important if you want to get long colas with substantial buds all the way down. You shouldn't be afraid of high-stress training (HST) techniques either, be it classic topping or FIMing - three out of four growers tried them, and their outcomes were spectacular.

Gorilla Cookies FF tends to start producing resing quite early, and it's around this time that it begins to emit a strong weed scent, so we recommend installing a carbon filter, even for a single plant. The buds have a tendency to bulk up considerably and become very dense in many cases, so pay extra attention to humidity and temperature control. Otherwise, the plant is easy-to-grow, undemanding, and very generous. Whether you're used to autoflowers or photoperiod varieties, we recommend trying this one and have a trouble-free and rewarding experience. Happy growing!