Power Plant Cannabis Strain Week-by-Week Guide

Following our week-by-week series, read our latest week-by-week guide dedicated to the super easy-to-grow Power Plant!
02 December 2021
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Power Plant Cannabis Strain Week-by-Week Guide

  • 1. History
  • 2. Specifications
  • 3. Week-by-week guide
  • 3. a. Germination - week 0
  • 3. b. Vegetative stage - week 1
  • 3. c. Vegetative stage - week 2
  • 3. d. Vegetative stage - week 3
  • 3. e. Pre-flowering stage - week 4
  • 3. f. Flowering stage - week 5 and 6
  • 3. g. Flowering stage - week 7 and 8
  • 3. h. Flowering stage - week 9 and 10
  • 3. i. Harvesting - week 11
  • 4. Terpene profile
  • 5. Type of effect
  • 6. In conclusion

1. History

Dutch Passion began breeding Power Plant early in the ‘90s and finally released it around 1997. This strain derives from African landraces and offers mostly-Sativa genetics with a tiny percentage of Indica genetics that help speed up the cannabis flowering stage while also improving bud density and high. With an average THC percentage of 15-20%, this strain has become very popular, especially among beginner growers due to being extremely easy to grow while still delivering a potent high, a delicious smell, and high yields, earning at least two first places in different competitions around the world.

2. Specifications

Thanks to Sativa genetics, Power Plant is an extremely fast-growing plant that offers beginner growers the ability to grow huge yields in as little as 8 weeks of flowering. This strain is super resilient to extreme changes in the growing conditions, making her ideal for those growing in harsh climates or those who cannot adjust the temperature and humidity indoors.

Power Plant grows super fast, it’s the ideal strain for those who want to grow under 12/12 from seed without affecting plant size, even under 12/12 from seed beginner growers will be able to harvest up to 600 gr/m2 of excellent flowers without much effort either indoors and outdoors.

3. Week-By-Week Guide

It’s important to remember that a strain can exhibit slightly different traits in different growing conditions so use this as a guideline. In the table below you’ll be able to see the growing conditions this plant was grown under, allowing you to have an idea of the results you’ll get under similar conditions.


Grow Conditions Specifications
Light Fixture:LEDNutrients:Super Soil
Grow Space:IndoorPH level: 7
Temperature:18 - 23°CFlowering:8 weeks
Humidity:45 - 65%Substrate:Soil


So keep in mind that this is just a timeline and the results and progress can be completely different depending on where and how you grow this strain. Anyways, let’s start with the germination of this beautiful strain!

Germination - Week 0 

This grow cycle started by germinating 2 Power Plant seeds in jiffy pots. Now, if you’re not an experienced grower or just don’t want to spend extra money, you can let the seeds soak in a glass of water for 12-48 hours for the seeds to hydrate and then transfer them to paper towels without a problem at all. The important thing here is providing the right conditions, not the germination method itself.


Power plant cannabis week-by-week guide: germination

Power Plant grown by Ramtz369 from GrowDiaries.

Once the seedling came out of the substrate, the plant was then planted in small grow bags where they will grow for a couple of weeks until the roots are established and the plants are ready to be transplanted into the final pots. Remember that during this stage the temperature should be around 23 °C and the humidity levels around 70-75% for the seedlings to thrive.

Vegetative Stage - Week 1 

Until the roots have established you should not feed anything other than root boosters or mycorrhizae to help the roots develop faster. Planting the jiffy pots in the grow bags is not as stressful as transplanting the plants from one pot to another so in this case, plants didn’t suffer any stress.


Power plant cannabis week-by-week guide: vegetative week 1

Power Plant thriving on week 1 of the vegetative stage.

As you can see, by week 1 the plants have grown quite a bit so they’re ready to start eating. In this case, the plants were not fed yet because the idea is to grow them in super soil, which contains all the nutrients needed. So the plants were left alone to do their thing but the humidity was adjusted to 60% and the temperature to around 22-23 °C to promote faster and healthier growth.

Vegetative Stage - Week 2 

On week 3 the plants were transplanted to the final pots which were filled with super soil. Super soil is a great way to grow cannabis without the need to mix nutrients, check pH and etc.. but in this case, the grower encountered some issues.


Power plant cannabis week-by-week guide: vegetative week 2

Before and after topping.

As you can see, the lower leaves on one plant started to yellow once it was transplanted into the final container which was probably caused by the roots not being ready for the food due to not being completely developed. Because of this, the grower decided to top the plants down to the third node to slow down growth and allow the roots to develop properly to avoid more issues.

Vegetative Stage - Week 3 

By week 3 the problems persisted so the grower decided to continue growing one plant outdoors and only left one in the grow tent. The idea was to transplant one of the Power Plant plants into a bigger container in order to see if things get better.


Power plant cannabis week-by-week guide: vegetative week 3

Beautifully trained Power Plant.

The grower then decided to super crop the plant as a way to increase yields due to having to move one plant outdoors. Also, the plants were sprayed with a neem oil and insecticidal soap mix as bug prevention.

Pre-Flowering Stage - Week 4 

After flipping to 12/12, Power Plant took around 4 days for the white hairs to appear. Fortunately, the plants recovered completely and started stretching quite a bit. The grower decided to put a plant trainer to support the branches and keep them in the center of the grow tent, where they get more light.


Power plant cannabis week-by-week guide: pre-flowering

Cannabis plant pre-flowering in a tomato cage.

During the first couple of weeks of the flowering stage Power Plant can stretch up to 300%, so the grower was quite pleased to know that his worries were long gone and the plant was now growing around 2.5 centimeters per day. As mentioned, this plant is growing in super soil so there’s no need to feed, just water with plain water and that’s it.

Flowering Stage - Week 5 and 6 

By week 5 and 6 the plants are growing a lot of hairs and leaves but the plant is becoming super bushy which caused a little bit of mold to appear on the substrate so the grower decided to leave the bottom fan ON 24/7 and top-dressed diatomaceous earth to prevent the mold from spreading more.


Power plant cannabis week-by-week guide: flowering stage week 5 and 6

White hairs starting to develop on Power Plant cannabis strain.

As you can see, bud development accelerates exponentially and what was just a couple of white hairs are now taking bud form. Now that there isn’t any apparent yellowing, it’s safe to say that the plants are happy, healthy, and thriving. It will only take 5 weeks longer for harvest. Once your plants are in full-flower mode remember to keep the temperature around 20 ​​°C and the humidity levels around 40-50%.

Flowering Stage - Week 7 and 8  

During week 7 and 8 your plant will not grow any more branches or leave because the plant is concentrating all its energy on developing big and dense buds. This means that all you have to worry about is keeping the conditions on point and keeping your plant well-fed.


Power plant cannabis week-by-week guide: flowering stage week 7 and 8

Trichomes starting to develop on the flowering stage.

Remember to keep good airflow between the buds, this will prevent mold and bugs which at this stage, can be a grave issue because mold can not only cause bud rot, making your flowers worthless but also infect the plants around so keep an eye out!

Flowering Stage - Week 9 and 10

During the last weeks of the flowering stage, the majority of the leaves should be green but it’s normal for leaves to start yellowing, so don’t worry if the lower fan leaves are fading. During the last weeks, the buds are almost ready but the trichomes are still ripening so be patient.

During the final weeks the white hairs (stigmas) will wilt and turn brown or orange, this is also a sign that your plant is almost ready for harvest but it isn’t very precise so make sure to get a magnifier and check the trichomes; If the trichomes are still clear, it means your plant is not ready for harvest yet but if the trichomes are cloudy or milky, it’s time.


Power plant cannabis week-by-week guide: flowering stage week 9 and 10

Power Plant in full-flowering mode.

If you’re looking for a stronger corporal effect you can let the trichomes ripen a bit more and turn amber but if you want to experience a stronger psychoactive effect, once the trichomes are cloudy you can go ahead and chop your plant! 

Harvesting - Week 11

Week 11 marks the last week of Power Plant’s grow cycle, keep in mind that your plant may take longer depending on the growing conditions. During the last week there’s nothing to do other than flush.


Power plant cannabis week-by-week guide: harvesting

Power Plant ready for harvest on week 11.

In this case, flushing is optional because the plant was fed 100% organic nutrients but it’s really up to you, if you don’t want to take the risk you can flush for 1 week. Keep in mind that when growing with synthetic nutrients it’s highly recommended you flush for at least 1-2 weeks.

4. Terpene Profile

After 12 weeks from seed to harvest, it's time to try it! This Sativa-dominant strain offers the following main terpenes: Myrcene, Pinene, and Caryophyllene, and the secondary terpenes: Humulene, Linalool, and Limonene.


Power plant cannabis week-by-week guide: terpene profile

Power Plant terpene profile.

This unique terpene profile results in a delicious woody and spicy pungent mix with floral hues and hints of sweet vanilla that leaves your mouth watering with every puff.

5. Type of Effect

Thanks to the high THC content, Power Plant provides a nice positive and energetic high that hits as soon as you take the first puff. The effect starts with an euphoric feeling that slowly turns into a more relaxed effect that allows you to lay on the couch and enjoy your favorite movie or album. 


Power plant cannabis week-by-week guide: type of effect

Beautiful buds ready for consumption.

This is a strong Sativa-leaning high that has anti-anxiety properties and is perfect for hanging out with friends, but be careful because smoking too much will definitely give you the munchies!

6. In Conclusion

Power Plant is a must for growers looking for strong Sativa-leaning genetics that provide a nice energizing effect to keep you going all day long. Also a great option for medical users looking to take advantage of the beneficial properties of terpenes such as myrcene and caryophyllene.

If you’ve grown Power Plant before, feel free to help fellow growers by sharing your experience in the comment section below!

02 December 2021