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Strain History: Sour Diesel

19 May 2020
The gassy West Coast legend: Sour Diesel. One of the most sought after Sativas for its intense effects.
19 May 2020
6 min read
Strain History: Sour Diesel

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  • 1. The history of sour diesel
  • 2. Original auto sour diesel: pure gasoline
  • 3. Most common questions
  • 4. Sour diesel terpene profile
  • 5. Grow tips
  • 6. In conclusion

Sour Diesel is one of the most sought after Sativas for its intense effects. Even though it smells like Kush, this strain is one of the most intense Sativas of the old days and like most of the old-school classics, it’s history is kind of a mystery and there’s not much information about it.

1. The History of Sour Diesel

Like said above, there’s not much information about Sour Diesel. Back in the ‘80s and ‘90s cannabis wasn’t regulated like nowadays and most of the breeders didn’t keep track of the strains they bred, especially in the U.S.

Sour Diesel’s history begins in the early 1990s, unfortunately, no one knows the exact place where it all started but we know for sure it was on the West Coast of the United States.

Back at that time, there was a really popular phenotype of Chemdawg 91 being grown by a group of grower friends, knowing the value of that strain they would never sell clones or seeds, only flowers for other people to consume.

Due to its popularity, everyone was trying to get their hands on those genetics, especially a breeder named A.J. 


Strain History: Original Auto Sour Diesel

 Original Auto Sour Diesel from our grower ElChicoDelaWeed from GrowDiaries.

A.J. was a skillful breeder and was desperately wanting to get hold of those genetics so he could not only sell but smoke them himself. As time went by, A.J kept buying those flowers every day in the hope he would find at least a couple of seeds. After some time, A.J. was fortunate enough to find five seeds in his buds and sprouted all of them.

What A.J. didn’t know was those seeds weren’t a pure version of Chemdawg 91, some of the plants turned hermaphrodite and A.J and in an attempt to preserve the genetics, he chose the best one and crossed it to a Super Skunk, resulting in the Sour Diesel we know today.

But as said before, there’s a lot of doubt surrounding this theory and sadly people still doubt if the seeds he got were really Chemdawg 91 so it’s impossible to track the exact lineage of Sour Diesel.

What we do know is Sour Diesel got its name for its blend of extremely citrus and gassy aroma that impressed cannabis enthusiasts all over the world and gave birth to a variety of famous strains like Super Sour Diesel, NYC Diesel, and Platinum Sour Diesel.

2. Original Auto Sour Diesel: Pure Gasoline

Original Auto Sour Diesel is really easy to grow strain for growers of all levels. Even though she only needs 9 weeks to completely mature, her Sativa influence will make her grow up to 120cm, super tall for an autoflower.

With her tall profile comes a big yield also, this girl produces up to 550gr/m2 of elongated and super dense buds with up to 21% THC. The flowers are lime green behind what looks like a silver blanket of trichomes that reeks of that famous blend of fuel, citrus, pine, and sandalwood.

Sour Diesel Auto
5 out of 5
Absolutely love the smell, very strong! Topped and LST to open her up and she loved it. Will definitely be growing again.
Verified customer
Reviewed 3 November 2020

Original Auto Sour Diesel’s buds have a spikey structure, almost looking like a star, these jagged flowers come with an extremely strong and full of terpenes aroma, it truly represents the fuel and gas cultivars, and if you think her smell is strong, wait until you feel the effect.

This lady can be deceptive with her sour, pungent, chemical fuel terpene profile into making you think she is a Kush variety. Actually, Original Auto Sour Diesel’s effect has nothing to do with the effect of a Kush strain. 

She delivers and effect much more related to a Sativa strain and will keep you flying with a cerebral high that raises energy levels and motivates you, a perfect strain for gaming, incentivizing creativity, or simply enjoying with friends.

3. Most Common Questions

•  Is Sour Diesel a Sativa or Indica?

Even though it’s a hybrid (90% Sativa and 10% Indica), Sour Diesel is a strong Sativa-dominant strain. 

•  Does Sour Diesel make you paranoid?

Like other really strong Sativas, if you already have a predisposition, Sour Diesel may be overwhelming for some, leading to being paranoid or the feeling you’re out of control.

•  Does Sour Diesel have CBD?

Even though Sour Diesel has a little bit of CBD, it is very low and almost null compared to the THC levels.


Strain History: Original Auto Sour Diesel bud

Gelato Auto from our grower Grey_Wolf from GrowDiaries.

•  Does Sour Diesel help with pain?

This strain doesn’t help so much with physical pain but may be able to treat depression and stress in some cases.

•  What are strains similar to Sour Diesel?

Similar strains are Headband, Pineapple Express, and Super Sour Diesel.

4. Sour Diesel Terpene Profile

The extremely gassy aroma of Sour Diesel comes from a high concentration of Pinene even though the terpene profile is relatively simple, the terpenes found are the following (approximately).

The main terpenes are: 0.30% Pinene, 0.81% Humulene, and 0.13% Caryophyllene.

The secondary terpenes are: Linalool, Myrcene, Limonene, and terpinolene all in a concentration of less than 0.01%.


Strain History: Original Auto Sour Diesel buds

Gelato Auto from our grower ElChicoDelaWeed from GrowDiaries.

5. Grow Tips

Outdoors this hybrid performs incredibly well, especially in hotter climates. She can handle colder climates very well and will ripen with a dark purple color, making her even more special looking. 

Sour Diesel grows tall, it is advised to perform LST for those with limited growing space, especially on her long side branches this will allow the plants to develop all buds equally and yield even more.

This girl likes to drink a lot, this will make her produce even more leaves completely covered in trichomes so hash makers prepare in advance!

6. In Conclusion

We can’t deny Sour Diesel is a monster of a hybrid, being around 90% Sativa this strain has been a favorite for a big part of smokers since the ‘90s. Her gassy aroma can be smelled from miles away and is a favorite for people that need that little push in the morning to start the day motivated.

Our team developed a version of Original Auto Sour Diesel that is all you need to go through your day without feeling down, this is a great strain for enjoying an afternoon chatting with friends or keeping you motivated through a hard day of work.

We recommend trying making hash with the trim. The extremely frosty leaves will make for one of the strongest and delicious smelling hash you have ever smoked.