What Is Cannabis Reclaim And Why You Shouldn't Smoke It

What is and should you smoke the leftover resin in a pipe or bong.
21 September 2021
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What Is Cannabis Reclaim And Why You Shouldnt Smoke It

  • 1. What is reclaim?
  • 2. Reclaimed resin vs concentrates
  • 3. Can you smoke reclaim?
  • 4. The dangers of smoking reclaim
  • 5. How to collect reclaim
  • 5. a. What to do with reclaim
  • 6. Should you smoke reclaim?
  • 7. In conclusion

All weed smokers are familiar with the black gunk that builds up when smoking on a glass rig; The gunk is called reclaim and it’s a resinous residue that’s left behind in your bong or dab rig when smoking flower or concentrates. Most cannabis consumers avoid smoking reclaim but some swear that is super strong, so...What is weed reclaim, and is it safe to smoke it?

1. What Is Reclaim?

Weed reclaim is the leftover resin that builds up after using your bong or dab rig for a while, this happens because the resin condenses and ends up sticking to your glass rig, and depending on what you smoke (either flower or concentrates), the reclaim will have a dark yellow or brown color. 


Cannabis reclaim: what is it?

Cannabis reclaim happens due to the resin burned when smoking either flower or concentrates.

This is not only because of the initial product you're smoking but also due to the water and high temperatures that it’s exposed to, so even if you are smoking on 6-star concentrates or top-shelf weed, the reclaim will be of a lower quality.

2. Reclaimed Resin vs Concentrates

Despite resin being used to refer to both reclaim and rosin, for example, these products are completely different. Rosin, for example, is a concentrated form of the resin naturally found in cannabis, which, after extracted and processed, contain a higher terpene and cannabinoid content than regular cannabis products which results in a more potent effect.

On the other hand, dab reclaim is the leftover resin that results from, for example, smoking rosin; Reclaim resin does not contain any terpenes and does not contain as much cannabinoids as rosin, and it contains harmful carbon byproducts of smoking so it’s not as pure as rosin or other concentrates.


Chemical CompoundReclaimRosin
Cannabinoid Total61.7%81.9%


To give you a better idea of the contents of these types of resin, we've come up with a table with the cannabinoid contents of both reclaim and resin, just have in mind that it's an approximation and the amounts may vary depending on the product.

3. Can You Smoke Reclaim?

So basically, you can smoke reclaimed resin but it may end up not being a very nice experience because, as you can see in the table above, it contains cannabinoids but has more CBD than rosin so it may not be the type of effect you were looking for.


Cannabis reclaim: can you smoke reclaim?

Although possible, consuming reclaim is NOT recommended.

Reclaimed resin still has cannabinoids but it contains almost zero terpenes so there will be no smell and in most cases, will have a really bad taste because terpenes are often destroyed during the first burn. Now that you know that you can smoke and get high with reclaim, here comes the most important part; Is it safe to smoke dab reclaim?

4. The Dangers Of Smoking Reclaim

Unlike good quality rosin and other concentrates, reclaim is not pure resin anymore because it has been burned so it also contains carbon which is a byproduct of smoking, just as ash and tar.

So when smoking reclaim, you can end up having the following harmful side effects:

  • Sore throat;
  • Difficulty breathing;
  • And headache.

Due to these effects, it’s not recommended to smoke cannabis reclaim because it requires a higher heat to burn and it’s also much harsher than rosin, for example, so smoking reclaim may end up irritating your lungs and throat.


Cannabis reclaim: dangers

Reclaim can be smoked but due to almost not having terpenes, it can be harsh on the throat.

Now, it’s rare for these side effects to become grave, most people don’t like smoking reclaim and when they do, it’s once a month so you won’t need to visit a doctor, just have in mind that if you’re experiencing frequent or severe headaches, sore throat or trouble breathing, you should get checked just to make sure you’re okay.

5. How To Collect Reclaim 

Reclaim is usually collected when cleaning your bong or dab rig, it’s very simple and there are a couple of ways. In order to get reclaim out of the rig, the first way is to pour the water out of your bong or dab rig and then get the reclaim with your dab tool or any other metal tool, this way may be a bit hard, depending on where the reclaim is because usually, reclaim gets stuck on the bowl or nail but most of the resin will be inside your rig.


Cannabis reclaim: how to collect reclaim

Reclaim can be quite hard to collect the best way is to pour out the water in your rig and heat up the resin.

So if you have collected everything you can and there’s still more, you will need to heat up your rig with a torch to liquefy the reclaim and then drip it onto wax paper, just make sure you don’t heat it too much so you don’t burn out the cannabinoids.

What To Do With Reclaim

So now that you’ve got your reclaim you might be wondering, What can I do with it? Well, there are three things you can do with it:

Smoke it

Dabbing or smoking your reclaim in a joint is a good way to consume your reclaim, just don’t expect it to have the same smell and taste as the original concentrate or flower because, as said before, almost 100% of the terpenes have been destroyed.

Infuse it

You can also use reclaim to make edibles, obviously, they won’t taste very good but it’s a good way to use reclaim because it’s already decarboxylated, just make sure that you don’t cook with temperatures over 177°C. If you don't want to taste the harshness in your food, you can always make cannabis capsules by mixing the reclaim with coconut oil, olive oil, or any other oil of your choice.

6. Should You Smoke Reclaim?

Most cannabis consumers would never smoke dab reclaim unless it’s the only option they have because it tastes bad and the smoke is harsh, smoking cannabis should be a pleasant experience, and reclaim is the opposite. Also, dab reclaim is not the same as regular concentrates such as rosin because it doesn’t contain any terpenes and it can be quite tedious and time-consuming to collect reclaim so they just wash it down the drain.

Now that you know everything you need and should know about reclaim, our general recommendation is that you don’t smoke reclaim! But obviously, it comes down to you, make sure you know the dangers and remember that cannabis should be enjoyed so if you don’t like the taste or it’s harsh on your throat, you shouldn’t be consuming it.

7. In Conclusion

Dab reclaim is the leftover resin that drops down and sticks to your rig when smoking flowers or concentrates but just because it comes from a good quality cannabis product, it doesn’t mean it’s good for you. This dab reclaim may end up being harmful so make sure you take proper precautions and see a doctor if you are experiencing harmful side effects for a prolonged time.

If you’ve been collecting reclaim because you can’t fin hash or rosin where you live, make sure to read our blogs about how to make water hash, dry sift, and rosin at home! And remember, a huge part of hash-making is to start with the right genetics, so in case you don’t know what to grow, make sure to take a look at our Strawberry Banana Auto.

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If you consume cannabis in a pipe, bong, or dab rig feel free to tell fellow growers why you would or wouldn’t smoke reclaim in the comment section below!



Remember, we do not recommend consuming reclaim. If you feel any of the symptoms cited above you should look for a doctor immediately. This content is for educational purposes only. The information provided is derived from research gathered from external sources.


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21 September 2021