10 Best Activities To Do While You're Stoned

Okay the strain may influence lots, but what you do while you're high will definitely make the difference
07 April 2021
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10 Best Activities To Do While Youre Stoned

  • 1. If you're stoned alone, write or meditate
  • 2. Get high and go sunbathing
  • 3. Be a good pet owner and play with your pet
  • 4. Turn on artist mode and get creative
  • 4. a. Stoner crafts
  • 4. b. Drawing or painting
  • 5. Time to tidy up the house
  • 6. Cook something for the munchies
  • 7. Get high and head over to a museum or the cinema
  • 8. Play some video games
  • 9. Take a walk or a ride
  • 10. Take a nap!
  • 11. Conclusion

When it comes to being stoned, the type of high you get can depend on several aspects. For instance, the strains you consume will definitely impact how high you get, and which effects you'll experience. 

At the same time, the method of consumption, whether it's smoking, vaping or taking edibles will also change the way you get high. However, neither the strains you consume nor the way you consume them will be able to overshadow the power that doing something fun has over a cannabis high. 

When we're high it's as if our senses sharpen, we become way more sensitive to our surroundings and are more prone to perceive things that we would otherwise not see when we're sober. At the same time, being high is all about the state of mind and the stimuli that surround us. 


10 Best Activities To Do While You're Stoned: Don't sit on the couch, do one of these fun activities!

Don't just sit on the couch, get high and do one of these fun activities!


Your high will vary lots depending on what you spend your high time doing. You wouldn't likely get an exciting high if you spend it sitting on the couch. Therefore, here's a list of the 10 best activities to do while you're stoned.

1. If You're Stoned Alone, Write or Meditate

A great way of turning a weed high into a productive high is by doing things that are actually good for you, such as meditation. In fact, many ancient cultures have been using marijuana as a source to introspect further into their minds. 

However, if you're not really the spiritual kind of person, another great alternative to introspect while you're stoned is writing. You might be reading this and think that we must have gone crazy, but once you get started writing while you're stoned you'll see how this is a good idea. 


10 Best Activities To Do While You're Stoned: Writing or meditating while high is great!

Writing or meditating while high is great for self improvement and introspection.


When you're stoned and you write, allowing your thoughts to flow easily, before you realize you'll have written several sheets of paper without even realizing it. 

Both meditating and writing are great exercises to perform on a frequent basis, they're moments in which you sit and actively listen to your thoughts, in different ways, but both aimed at self-improvement and well-being. 

2. Get High And Go Sunbathing

If you're lucky to have the weather by your side while you're stoned, then definitely head outside to catch some vitamin D as you sunbathe. Take an extra joint to burn as you lay under the sun rays and don't forget to bring your headphones so that you can blast your favorite tunes while you relax.


Don't forget to spread some sunscreen all over your body to prevent any damages caused by the sun. 

This is a great way of letting go of a stressful day and get back into your easy self. I personally love heading over to the park after having finished my duties at work, roll myself one, and lay under the sun to do exactly what we mentioned before. After a couple of hours, you kind of feel renewed

3. Be A Good Pet Owner And Play With Your Pet

If you're crazy over animals, as I am, that's great to hear! There are no beings as loyal as pets are, they love us unconditionally no matter what. 

So, let's pay our pets some respect and show them some love by doing what makes them happy, sharing time with them, taking them for a walk and playing throw and catch for a little while until they're tired enough. 


10 Best Activities To Do While You're Stoned: Share some quality high time with your pet.

Share some quality high time with your pet.


You know, that's what having a pet is about, they give us all their purest love in exchange for more love and care. Besides, we don't know you, but talking with your pet while you're high seems about right, they must understand, right? Also, isn't an owner-pet relationship all about mutual happiness?

You do them good by giving them what satisfies their necessities, such as playing, feeding, walking or petting them. And they do you well not only because of the love but also the responsibility of taking care of something else, whether it's a pet or even a plant is great. It's been scientifically proven that it improves our health. 1

4. Turn On Artist Mode And Get Creative

If you're one of those who get extra inspired when you're stoned, we're not going to come and tell you to go and do something creative because you most likely do. But in case you aren't yet, here are a couple of artsy and crafty things to do while you're high. 

Stoner Crafts

Our first three suggestions involve smoking more weed but in three new forms, because, why not? Depending on how motivated you are you can choose from:

  • Building a waterfall bong, it's fast and it gets you higher than the guy who jumped from the stratosphere (Felix Baumgartner2); 
  • Making your own gravity bong, it's also extremely easy to make and you'll be able to do it with stuff you've got at home;
  • Rolling a cross joint, it takes some rolling skills and patience, but you'll know it's worth it. 

We've tried all of these and we strongly suggest you have no responsibilities to do next because you'll be eh-stoned

Drawing Or Painting

Oh, so the lady dares come and suggest drawing, ha! As if getting inspired to draw was that easy! We know that the blank page syndrome is re-al. You're just sitting there staring at the whiteness, stoned, or not, wondering where to start, what to even draw.


10 Best Activities To Do While You're Stoned: Make a drawing or a painting.

Draw or paint what you have right in front of you.


So, here are a couple of drawing and painting exercises that might sound appealing or trigger some inspiration:

  • Well, this one's pretty simple, but draw what you see right at the moment;
  • Make a painting with only one color scale, i.e. all sorts of green;
  • Try to capture what you hear in a drawing or painting;
  • Make a self-portrait of how you feel stoned!
  • Play with collage and drawing;
  • And basically, anything that your stoned self guides!

And remember, nothing's putting pressure on you and what you create, so allow yourself to create freely without thinking of what others might think. If you don't like the results, so what? At least you enjoyed yourself while doing it.

5. Time To Tidy Up The House

Now we'll be short on this, knowing that for some, ahem, me, tidying up the house is almost a nightmare. However, the type of stoner who gets high and cleans their place indeed exists, so we won't undermine them. 

So, if your house is calling for it, and that little voice in your head, then do get going and give your house a nice clean. Just don't forget to blast some music as you do so that you can sing and dance along to your favorite tunes. 

6. Cook Something For The Munchies

Another great activity to do while you're high is cooking something, it comes with the extra benefit of a tasty something as a result, good for the latter munchies. You could even make some cannabis edibles and take things up to a whole new level.


10 Best Activities To Do While You're Stoned: Bake the cookies you'll want for the munchies later.

Bake the cookies you'll want for the munchies later.


Just please, don't forget anything in the oven, or skip any ingredients in the recipe. 

7. Get High And Head Over To A Museum Or The Cinema

These two are among my favorite activities to do while I'm stoned, visiting a museum or the cinema. Since many stoners experience an enhancement of the senses while high, being stoned in artistic places makes a great plan. 

The cinema is especially great for being stoned because it's as if it makes you travel in space and time. And museums, well, it all depends on the exhibitions, but if you'd like to have crazy experiences, we'd suggest contemporary art museums, since contemporary art pieces are quite out of the lines.

8. Play Some Video Games

Gaming and getting stoned were quite meant to be together. And the best part is you can do this solo or share it with friends. 

Just don't stick to gaming as your option if the sun is blasting outside, that would be such a waste of a great day. In turn, call your friends over during the evening or do a gaming marathon on a grey and rainy day. 

Our favorite games to play stoned include anything Call of Duty or car races. However, some folks would rather play football or story games. 

9. Take a Walk or a Ride

If you still don't know what to do while you're high, but you feel unstill or restless, just head outside for a bike or skate ride, or a walk. It usually happens that you're stoned and have no idea what to do. 

Well, you could find the answer as you wander around, and come back extra looking forward to doing this that you've thought of. Just try not to forget. Anyway, walking or taking a ride is still much of a plan.


10 Best Activities To Do While You're Stoned: Get out for a ride!

Get out for a ride! The world is beautiful when you look at it high!


If you're into plants and nature, you could pick up your favorite tree leaves and flowers and place them inside heavy books to use them for collage and crafts later. Or perhaps take a ride, over to the nearest drive-through, are the munchies already kicking in?

10. Take a Nap!

Lastly, ask any stoner and they'll smile with an air of love as they think of stoner naps. Weed is great for sleeping, depending on the strain, of course. In fact, marijuana is often prescribed as a treatment for insomnia.


10 Best Activities To Do While You're Stoned: Take a nap and wake up fully recharged.

Take a nap and wake up fully recharged. Don't forget to set an alarm though!


So why don't you test out this by yourself and take a happy-stony nap? You'll wake up well recharged and feeling motivated to do any of the other activities listed above, or anything else!

11. Conclusion

We can be safe to affirm that weed goes well hand in hand with any activity, though nothing too dangerous, of course. Grocery shopping high? Check! Cleaning the house? Check! Doing laundry? Why not!

What can we say, we're stoners, and as the saying goes:

A stoner is someone who believes (1) any problem can be solved by smoking marijuana and (2) any activity is more enjoyable whilst stoned.

 So go ahead and enjoy being stoned doing these activities and more. And don't forget to send us your favorite things to do while you're high.



  1. "Potential benefits of pet ownership in health promotion" L.B. Jennings, December 1997.
  2. Felix Baumgartner, who was born in Salzburg on 04/20/69, I mean. And let's not forget to mention that 'Baum-gartner' means tree gardener in german. 
07 April 2021