7 Items That Your Stoner Grocery List Can't Miss

Talking tragedies, imagine forgetting to buy your favorite munchies snack at the groceries
16 March 2021
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7 Items That Your Stoner Grocery List Cant Miss

  • 1. But first, what does 'munchies' even mean?
  • 2. Something salty!
  • 3. And then... something sweet, why not?
  • 4. Frozen goods and pre-cooked meals
  • 5. Ingredients to make your favorite dishes
  • 6. Healthy snacks options
  • 7. Something to drink!
  • 8. The bottom line

When you start to get your way around weed and finally get to the point of recognizing yourself as a true stoner, most likely it is because you have already earned your black belt in terms of stoner thinking.

What do we mean by this? Well, as a first step, you'll have probably already learned how to roll a proper joint; next is counting with your own stoner kit, or some cool stoner gadgets and paraphernalia.

But you'll truly know that you've become a stoner when you start to assimilate all the different characteristics of yourself as a smokehead. This includes double-checking before you leave any place to make sure you're not forgetting stuff, if you're that type of stoner; or buying the essential munchies when you go for groceries. 


This can be a matter of life and death, in the eyes of the exaggerated stoner, of course. Imagine driving all the way home, thinking, almost tasting your favorite snacks, only to find that when you get home you've run out of them, tragic. 


Don't get lost in heaven, I mean the groceries. Take this stoner shopping list!

Don't get lost in heaven, I mean the groceries. Take this stoner shopping list!

An essential munchies shopping list must always include:

  • Something sweet;
  • Something salty;
  • Something to drink, and more!

Save yourself some disgraces and make sure your stoner groceries list isn't missing any of these items. 

1. But First, What Does 'Munchies' Even Mean?

In case you are quite new to the wonderful world of smoking marijuana, first, welcome, come on in! We know some terms can be quite confusing at the beginning, even more having to learn a whole new stoner dictionary full of slang you might have never heard before.

Check out the following stoner dictionary for some extra help.


However, 'munchies' isn't precisely the most complex of them weed slang terms. When you hear the word, does it make you think of food? Well, you're not that far, my folk. 'Munchies' refers to the big hunger feeling that normally takes place a few hours after smoking weed.

Perhaps you start with some sweets, but suddenly a big salty craving rushes in, so you switch to some salty stuff, and that's when the sweets claim back their attention, and this on loop. That, my friend, are the munchies talking. Becoming a chef in the middle of the night is also not that surprising when you have the munchies. 

2. Something Salty!

Some people would rather start with some full-on salty snacks to cover the munchies, so definitely get some chips, fries, Doritos, tiny pretzels, or whatever your stoned instinct tends to crave when you're high.

The order of the factors doesn't affect the final product.

Who would have known that math rules would even apply to the munchies? Even if you usually don't start with the salty goodies when you're high, we do tend to switch between flavors when we're stoned, so at least take an emergency salty-craving snack. 


You'll likely go sweet to salty and on loop, so add this to your stoner groceries list.

Don't get lost in heaven, I mean the groceries. Take this stoner shopping list!

Make sure you've also got some water near, as you're going to need that one. 

3. And Then... Something Sweet, Why Not?

If you're more of a sweet tooth, then you'll need to stock up on sweet stuff in case of a munchie apocalypse. So, it's time to switch to the other aisle and check out some sweets.

When it comes to sweets, the variations are uncountable. Are you the kind of stoner who's got a thing for candies when you're high? We feel you. Then buy the biggest bag of candies you can get, 'cause if you're with friends, for sure they'll be tempted to grab a couple of them. 


Candy, cookies, cereals, ice cream or basically anything sweet should definitely be on your stoner shopping list.

Candy, cookies, cereal, ice cream or basically anything sweet should definitely be on your stoner shopping list.

Maybe you're more into chocolate stuff, like me, then some chocolate bars, chocolate candies or even pastries might be what you're looking for. Or if you are addicted to cookies, a-lá cookie monster, then do get some packages of your favorite brands, and take more than what you expect to consume, it's almost as if cookies disappeared

One sweet option that's great for those hangouts with friends, especially on spring or summer nights, is marshmallows. Do these things come from heaven or what? It's such a nice moment to share with friends, roasting marshmallows over a campfire while you drink some beer, smoke some joints and maybe play guitar too. 

4. Frozen Goods and Pre-Cooked Meals

Imagine driving home feeling rather knackered after a long night of smoking and toking with some friends, even more when you were savoring some strong Indica strains, then we doubt you'll feel like cooking at all when you arrive. The microwave is your best friend at this point. 


So you're tired and all, you open your fridge almost on airplane mode in search of something yummy to eat and you find a box of frozen pizza sitting inside your fridge smiling at you. Could life get any better? Now all you have to do is slip it inside the oven and watch some TV as you wait. 

Don't forget to set an alarm though, or you'll risk forgetting about the pizza, or worse, falling asleep with a round-shaped cole waiting to surprise you whenever you wake. 


Frozen meals are a great lifesaver for attending the munchies when you don't want to cook.

Frozen meals are great lifesavers for attending the munchies when you don't want to cook.

Another great option for these times of lazy munchies is pre-cooked frozen meals, such as frozen lasagna, vegetable woks, frozen pizza rolls or taquitos, and more. The options when it comes to pre-cooked meals are infinite, pick whatever you like most! 

Lastly, the ultimate favorite instant food, in my opinion, is instant noodles or ramen. Man, you can't try to convince us that there's anything that can be ready in 3 minutes and tastes any better than instant noodles, and as cheap! It even makes you feel slightly like you're in Asia, or perhaps you're just too high. And let's not forget about mac and cheese, please

5. Ingredients To Make Your Favorite Dishes

If it turns out you are indeed the type of stoner that turns into a chef when it comes to the munchies, then keep that in mind next time you grocery shop.


Don't forget to buy ingredients for your fave recipes.

Don't forget to buy ingredients for your fave recipes.

Be kind to your future stoner self and show him or her that you think about them when you're sober, and do them the favor of shopping for all those indispensable ingredients to cook your favorite recipes, or for instance, if there's a group of supplies you tend to use, make sure you're not missing any. 

You wouldn't want to send your stoned self for groceries mid-cooking, it can turn out bad. Who knows what went through our heads when we buy the most random stuff because we're stoned, who knows... 

6. Healthy Snacks Options

If you're more of the healthy group of stoners, perhaps even vegan, like I am myself, then most likely all of the previous unhealthy snacks we've been listing don't sound too appealing. 

When this is the case, this doesn't mean that munchies have to be doomed forever. In fact, there are quite a couple of snacks you can have for the munchies that are yet healthy. 


Being vegan doesn't mean munchies are doomed! You can have healthy snacks too!

Being vegan doesn't mean munchies are doomed! You can have healthy snacks too!

Some healthy munchies snacks to add to your stoner grocery shopping list include:

  • Popcorn, it's really low-calorie and natural;
  • Fruits (dip them in peanut butter for that extra touch);
  • Dried fruit and nuts; 
  • Toasted broccoli or cauliflower;
  • Dark chocolate; 
  • Cereal; 
  • And even salads, there's no accounting for taste!

A great healthy snacks recommendation is baked chickpeas, yes you heard us right. When you roast chickpeas they get really airy and crunchy, add some salt and spices and you'll have a delicious munchies snack.

7. Something To Drink!

When we smoke weed, getting a dry mouth, or as it's commonly known, cottonmouth, isn't surprising. It's one of the side effects we get from smoking marijuana. 


So, if you're on a munchies shopping stop with friends, don't forget to get some water or something else to drink, otherwise, you'll definitely regret it later.


Never underestimate the power of water. Remember to buy something to drink!

Never underestimate the power of water. Remember to buy something to drink!

When you find yourself not being capable of swallowing your food you'll wish you could produce some saliva at least. 

8. The Bottom Line

When it comes to them munchies the world is so diverse, and every single one of us is different, so we'll crave different munchies as well. As you grow as a stoner you'll most likely be able to identify your usual munchies cravings, which is great. 

Once you've finally achieved to see the munchie craving pattern, then keep this in mind for the next time you go grocery shopping. A good way of doing this is by asking yourself "what do I want to eat?" when you're feeling that starving feeling. 

And remember, don't smoke and shop! It can end up in weird purchases, such as buying 10 instant noodles boxes. Don't forget to comment on what your favorite snacks are! 


16 March 2021