Smoking Gear Every Stoner Should Have

Welcome to the stoners' world! It's time to get some fun gadgets and start gathering fun experiences.
15 October 2020
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Smoking Gear Every Stoner Should Have

  • 1. Grinders
  • 1. a. Size does matter
  • 1. b. Number of pieces
  • 1. c. Weight
  • 1. d. Material
  • 2. Rolling papers and filters
  • 3. Pipes
  • 4. Rolling tray
  • 5. Scale
  • 6. Roach holder
  • 7. Bong
  • 8. Stash box
  • 9. The kit
  • 10. Ash tray
  • 11. In conclusion

Have you just joined the stoners' world? Congratulations and welcome to a whole new lifestyle! It's time to start gathering some smoking gear that every stoner should have at home to make this journey double fun. 

The most common smoking accessories you’ll find at any stoner’s home are: 

  • Grinders
  • Rolling papers
  • Pipes
  • Bongs
  • Stash Boxes
  • Ashtrays

However, there are many more accessories that you will definitely need at least once in your life, so let's get into the details.

1. Grinders

The first thing you’ll need to do for most of the smoking methods is to grind your weed. Think of the grinder you pull out when you’re going to roll a joint with someone as the car you’d like to pick up a girl in on a date. If you have a good quality grinder then people will know you're a weed affectionate. 

Some people would argue that they can grind their marijuana with their bare hands, criminals! Absolutely don’t do this as when you grind with your hands you're actually ruining your buds by crushing the trichomes, which contain most of the THC


There's a big variety of cannabis grinders in the market

There's a big variety of grinders in the market, varying in shape, color, material and features.

If you’ve ever grinded marihuana with your hands, remember how sticky your hands were? This is why. 

So, what exactly makes a grinder a good grinder? There are a few aspects to consider.

  • Size 
  • Number of floors
  • Weight
  • Build/Material


Let us explain why these aspects are so important. 

Size Does Matter

The size of your grinder actually matters, although bigger is not necessarily better in this case. Think about what uses you're going to give to your grinder when considering the size. Grinders sizes can go all the way from mini to extra-large and even extra-extra-large.

If you're going to purchase a grinder to use at home, then you can go for any grinder size you’d like, and bigger grinders are quite more comfortable to use. However, these big grinders are not so portable-friendly given they tend to be pretty heavy. 

If you're looking for a grinder to take with you in your bag everywhere then definitely aim at medium or small grinders unless you want to turn every day into arm day by carrying around a half-kilo grinder. Anyway, the weight of your grinder also depends on the material your grinder is made of. 

Number of pieces

The more pieces, the more features your grinder will have (and the heavier it will probably be). If you’d rather stick to a classic and easy grinder then we recommend going for a simple two-piece grinder, just for grinding. 

If you're an enthusiast, 3 or 4-floored grinders could be your best option. Three-piece grinders come with an extra compartment that catches the grinded weed for easier use or one to gather kief and pollen


Type of grinderUtilities
Two-piece grindersGrinding
Three-piece grindersGrinding, gathering grinded weed or kief and pollen
Four-piece grindersGrinding, collecting grinded weed and gathering kief and pollen


Four-piece grinders come with an extra-extra compartment to combine all the utilities mentioned before. 


As we mentioned before, you’ll need to think about the uses you’ll give your grinder, whether it’ll stay at home or you're taking it everywhere. This way you’ll know which grinder resembles your plans best and narrow the search on your purchase. 

On this point, it is also important to consider the material of your grinder. 


The material of your grinder is a crucial aspect to consider, weight and quality-wise. While plastic, acrylic, or wooden grinders might be cheaper they aren't as durable as good grinders. We recommend purchasing a high-grade aluminum or ABS plastic grinder which will probably last forever. 

If you’re going to take the grinder everywhere, go for a medium/small sized grinder and perhaps one made of ABS plastic. If weight is not a problem then an aluminum grinder is the best option. 


2. Rolling Papers and Filters

Before you think about purchasing any crazy smoking gadgets, you must go through the joint-rolling experience first. Every stoner will roll a joint at least a few hundred times in their lives, so make sure you get all the rolling essentials

In order to roll a joint, the first thing you’ll need to get is rolling papers. As surprising as it may sound, the quality of your rolling paper can have a major impact on your smoking experience. Bad rolling papers tend to negatively affect your joint's flavor so don't go cheap on this aspect. 


Shopping for rolling papers can be fun!

When it comes to rolling paper, try different alternatives until you find what suits you best.

In summary, the thinner the rolling paper the better. However, the thinner the paper also the harder it will be to roll, so make sure you master your rolling skills before you buy the thinnest paper you can find.

We also recommend sticking to unbleached, organic rolling papers, you know, the ones that look brown. This is because the usual bleached, white papers are the ones known for altering your weed's flavor and they’re full of chemicals, which no one likes so much. Heading for rolling papers specifically made for smoking weed is the safest move.

If you're looking for a strong-flavored strain then Gorilla Cookies is your soulmate strain. This powerful hybrid is a combination of our top autoflowering strains can reach up to 27% of THC. 

Gorilla Cookies Auto
Gorilla Cookies Auto
Sativa 45%/Indica 55%
Gorilla Cookies Auto
10 weeks
500 – 600 gr/m2
90 – 100 cm
Up to 27%
< 1%
Buy seeds from 13,00 €
1 fem
13,00 €
2 fem
24,00 €
3 fem
36,00 €
5 fem
55,00 €
10 fem
99,00 €
25 fem
215,00 €
50 fem
365,00 €
100 fem
590,00 €
500 fem
1 950,00 €
1000 fem
3 400,00 €
3 fem
Add to Cart
36,00 €

When it comes to size, all that matters is how much you want to smoke. Go crazy on special occasions and build a 12-inch joint to challenge yourself and friends. Or you can purchase rolling paper rolls for personalized papers sizes to go as big as you wish. There are also flavored rolling papers, both normal and blunts, which are always fun to try.

Lastly, buying a block of filters for rolling joints is useful although optional since it's not completely necessary. Yes, they can come handy but anyways, any type of thick paper or thin cardboard will do the job. You can simply tear off a piece of the rolling paper’s box lid.

3. Pipes

These guys will have your back every time you run out of rolling papers or you're on a rush. The best part: they can be small and very portable.

When it comes to pipes, they come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Initially, metal pipes are the most common and efficient. If you're more of a rustic person, perhaps wooden pipes are your thing.

However, no one can deny that glass pipes are the coolest pipes in stores but these gems are quite fragile so its best if you don't lend your glass pipe to your butterfingered friends.

"May my last breath be drawn through a pipe, and exhaled in a jest." -Charles Lamb

It’s a good idea to get yourself a pipe cleaner as well since these things can get dirty and smelly over time. While you're at it, get some pipe screens too to avoid inhaling any weed particles as you smoke.

4. Rolling Tray

This isn't an absolutely necessary object but it makes the rolling process look a lot fancier. Sitting down, pulling out your rolling tray, and setting your tools on the desk feels almost as if you were a businessman opening your suitcase to get some business done. 


Rolling trays are great for rolling comfortably.

Rolling trays will allow you to roll your joints more comfortably.

Besides having a rolling tray will help to gather all the small crumbs that fall around during the rolling process.


5. Scale

Scales are useful tools to keep in hand, whether it is to calculate the amount of weed you got out of your home harvest or to check that your dealer isn't ripping you off.

Make sure that the scale you purchase is set in the same weighting currency you normally use and that it has a millimetric functionality.

6. Roach Holder

If you're the no-filter type of smoker then you definitely need to get yourself a roach killer. With these, you'll be sure that you smoke every last bit of your joint until it's almost disappeared.

Not only this, roach holders are your eyelashes and fingers’ best friends, say goodbye to burnt lashes and fingers once you start using these simple objects.

7. Bong

The first time you try a bong you’ll understand why you must have a bong. Or perhaps just make your own homemade bong. It feels like you're an astronaut.

"Sometimes I wish that I was a bong hit, you'd let me in and you would love every minute." -John Mayer

Just like with pipes, the only necessary criteria for purchasing a bong is your personal taste. These epic smoking devices come in crazy colors and shapes and they will create beautiful memories so pick a bong that makes your heart feel warm.


8. Stash Box

Purchasing stash boxes can be dangerously addictive. Basically, the stash box is where you’ll store your weed to prevent it from going bad due to bad storage conditions and other etceteras.

Our favorite type of stash boxes is tin candy boxes, such as the classic Altoids mints box. However, these cans aren't really smell-proof or airtight, so you’ll probably carry a green perfume around on you, but cannabis perfume doesn't sound bad at all anyway.


Tin candy boxes are perfect for stashing your marijuana!

Collecting tin boxes for stashing your cannabis can get really addictive!

If you want to go for something more professional then getting a stash box made specifically for weed is the best option. These come in different materials, from wood to metal and everything in between, and they are airtight and smell-proof as well, perfect for those who still need to hide the fact that they smoke cannabis, tough life man.

You could also just take any empty glass jars you find at home, these are perfect for storing your weed.

9. The Kit

Carrying all of your essential rolling accessories in a kit is the easiest way to keep yourself from losing your favorite gadgets, not that we're saying stoners keep losing things.

We recommend a simple big box for the accessories you keep at home and a smaller, portable case for carrying around a lightweight pipe, rolling papers, filters, and a grinder.


The perfect stoner kit

The perfect stoner's kit: filters block, grinder, rolling papers, poking object, and a lighter.

In order of importance, a stoner's kit should never miss:

  1. Lighter
  2. Rolling papers
  3. Grinder
  4. Poking object
  5. Filters

Once you start getting the hang of having a kit, it'll probably grow to you. Most of the time, the kit becomes as important as a wallet for many stoners, and losing it would be the worst nightmare. Choose a nice case that suits your personal taste and store your favorite stoner gadgets inside!

10. Ash Tray

Last but definitely not least, get yourself a fancy lord ashtray. No one likes the smell of ash neither ash stains so buy one or a few ashtrays and set them around your common smoking spots.

Besides, throwing joint butts on the ground isn't very eco-friendly, time to change some habits.

In Conclusion

Who would have thought shopping for weed gadgets could be so much fun? The best part is there is a vast ocean of options to choose from, suitable for everyone’s personal taste. And the more you dive in, the more fun smoking experiences you’ll gather. What are you waiting for? Get curious!

Check out all the craziest options you see, why not get inspired by movies, cough-cough, anything starring James Franco and Seth Rogen.

15 October 2020