Cream Cookies Auto Strain History

22 June 2022
Have you ever wondered what makes our Cream Cookies Auto so special? Here's an article explaining exactly why this gorgeous strain is a must in your collection.
22 June 2022
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Cream Cookies Auto Strain History

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  • 1. The history of cream and cookies
  • 2. The history of cream cookies auto
  • 3. What makes cream cookies so special?
  • 4. How to grow the cream cookies auto?
  • 5. Cream cookies cannabis strain faqs?

There are few things in life that offer pure bliss. And fewer things reminding you of childhood, where a bunch of cookies dipped in sour cream could make you forget everything in the world. Every so often, it’s important to take some time and enjoy the little things life has to offer. And, talking about bliss, what else comes to mind than cookies and cream? Not the Oreo cookies, although they are good, I’m referring to the Cookies and Cream created by scientists at Exotic Genetix. When you think of cream and cookies, the first thing that comes to mind is an Oreo. Yes, Oreo has managed to make its place in every foodie’s heart with a sweet tooth, but the sensational Cream and Cookies cannabis strain isn’t very far behind. As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and Cream and Cookies has definitely proved her worth by bagging a bunch of awards in several categories.

Most cannabis users love munching on treats whilst enjoying their favorite strain. It’s usually something decadent and sweet, but what if the strain itself tastes better than munchies? What if the strain is so delicious that it puts the original Oreo to shame? Say hello to Cookies and Cream – a sweet juicy hybrid strain that can not only replace the munchies but will also leave you mind-blown in the THC department. Cookies and cream may not be a household name yet, but it has a lot more in its kitty than just sweetness. In just a few years, it has managed to grab attention, becoming one of the rarest strains providing both taste and happiness.

1. The History of Cream and Cookies

Rather than just looking at the strains used to create Cream and Cookies, it may help to understand the family tree. There are quite a few strains created nowadays, but a strain gains legendary status only when it actually performs. And Cream and Cookies does more than that. So, what makes the Cream and Cookies so damn special? Well, it’s all in the genetics, baby! With parents like the Starfighter and Girl Scout Cookies, it was obvious that the Cream and Cookies would go on to earn fame. Now, Girl Scout Cookies is notorious for its phenotypes including Thin Mint and Platinum Cookies, and when one of those phenotypes was crossed with the Starfighter, a legend was born.


Cream cookies auto strain history: the history of cream cookies

Beautiful Cream Cookies fading during the last week of harvest.

The exact phenotype used to create Cream and Cookies is still unknown, adding a touch of mystery to an already elusive strain. Starfighter is famous for its Indica effects that leave the user slack-jawed. It was originally created by crossing the Lemon Alien Dawg with another strain known as the Tahoe Alien. It’s easy to see where the Starfighter gained its puissant Indica genetics. But if you were to analyze the family tree a little further, the influence of Kush is pretty apparent. It’s also evident that the strain contains the properties of Chem Dawg as well.

With so many colossal strains in the mix, you can now understand why the Cream and Cookies taste so good and make the user yearn for more. Now, Starfighter is an Indica, but Cream and Cookies can be both Sativa and Indica, depending on Girl Scout Cookies’ phenotype. Imagine getting all the benefits through one strain. As a testament to her amazing effects, Cookies and Cream grabbed the first prize in the High Time Cannabis Cup held in 2014.

2. The History of Cream Cookies Auto

Cookies and Cream were quickly gaining attention as one of the top strains of the year, and the fact that it bagged an award made us very curious. As breeders that want to try everything new in the market, we decided to try out the strain that had everyone talking. And once we did, we knew that it had to be added to our catalog. We couldn’t miss out on something so fantabulous. But, as always, we came up with our own twist by crossing her with an autoflower to create Cream Cookies Auto.


Cream Cookies Auto
1st Edition
Cream Cookies Auto
· Cream n’ cookies.
· Short and discreet.
· Creamy couch-lock.
· Beautiful colors.
· Smoother than silk.
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11,00 € / seed
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What makes this strain unique is that while being sweet, the hits are creamy and absolutely smooth. As mentioned above, it sometimes feels like a Sativa with wonderful uplifting properties enough to make your day. However, it sometimes behaves like an Indica since our Cream Cookies Auto is an Indica-dominant strain.

It fills your very soul with positivity, instantly converting you into a chatterbox with no limits. It’s light, pure, and very easy to take in. If you know a thing or two about great food and appreciate the finer things in life, this strain will leave you stunned. Truth be told, it’s pretty difficult to take famous strains and cross them with autoflowers, but we did so because you now have the opportunity to reap massive harvests in just nine weeks! Instead of waiting for four months from seed to harvest, our strain generates huge yields in a short period of time.

3. What makes Cream Cookies so special?

First off, Cream Cookies Auto is very easy to grow. She’s a big yielder for sure, but a little TLC is all it takes it to make her perform to the best of her abilities. Not only is the strain creamy and sweet, which is very obvious from her name, but she’s extremely versatile and packed with several flavors including woody, earthy and pungent notes. It must be mentioned that she’s akin to a cookie dipped in heavy sour cream. But, she will also remind you of exotic ice cream, thanks to notes of vanilla.

As if that’s not enough, smoking the strain will produce a nutty flavor. So, basically, she’s like a dessert dripping with almonds and other nuts with hints of vanilla making their appearance every now and then. Cream Cookies do have an exceptional flavor, but that’s not the only reason to go weak in the knees for her. Along with her fragrance and beauty, she’s extremely powerful with effects that can make your legs wobbly and shaky. She starts slowly at first, but pretty soon, you’ll notice some pressure building up near your temples.


Cream cookies auto strain history: what makes it so special?

Cream Cookies is definitely the right choice for those with a high tolerance.

She won’t lock you to the couch; however, the effects are so strong that you might need a while to sit back and relax. Indica strains are generally meant to work on the body, but Cream Cookies also induce euphoria that can make you cry tears of joy. From top to bottom, you’ll feel the high slowly overtaking all your senses. What makes the Cream Cookies Auto particularly enthralling is the fact that you’ll feel heavy yet weightless. You might feel like flying due to all the foreign sensations gliding over your body, but you’ll probably be a tad lazy to do anything about it. Some strains are meant to make you relax while a few others give you a mental high, but Cream Cookies does a bit of both.

A lot of it, in fact. The user may feel lazy, sure, but that doesn’t stop him from stimulating his mental processes. You might catch yourself thinking a lot, pondering over the complexities of life, but she’ll also motivate you to become a better version of yourself. For medical marijuana users, our Cream Cookies are truly a blessing. Recreational users will certainly enjoy both the body high and the mental stimulation, but medical cannabis users can use her to get rid of insomnia, pain, and other illnesses bothering them. Make sure that you partake in high doses only at night since the Indica effects tend to be super powerful. However, a puff or two during the day won’t hurt you as long as you do it in moderation. Dry eyes and mouth are common side effects, but they are only temporary. What matters is that you’ll be one happy camper once you’re introduced to this lovely girl that can kiss your pains away.

4. How to Grow the Cream Cookies Auto?

Our Cream Cookies Auto grows only up to 3 feet, but don’t let that undermine her potency. Perfect to be grown both indoors and outdoors, she loves greenhouses the most. Rather than growing into a tall, lanky plant, she behaves like a true Indica with a bushy structure. Extremely beautiful with juicy resin covering every inch of her buds, she bursts into a profusion of colors that range from yellows to reds and purple to orange! Her beauty can be enhanced if you use the right amount of nutrients. As a hungry plant, she will perform the best if you religiously feed her.


Cream cookies auto strain history: how to grow the cream cookies auto

Cream Cookies Auto strong and healthy on week 3 of the vegetative stage.

Another way to grow great buds is to train the plant early on. It’s recommended that you begin training when she’s only 3-4 weeks old since she will adapt very quickly. Whether it’s LST or topping or even FIMming, just ensure that you start early to give her a nice head start. Don’t forget to flush the plant when there’s only a week or two remaining for harvest. Not only will the harshness reduce, but the flavor of cream and cookies will also be enhanced to the maximum. As long as the temperatures don’t dip too low below 15°C or shoot too high above 40°C, it’s easy to grow her and enjoy the process.

5. Cream Cookies Cannabis Strain FAQs?

What Type of High Can I Expect from the Cream Cookies Cannabis Strain?

Cream Cookies cannabis strain is a great choice to boost your mood and get you nicely couch-locked. The stimulating effect may get you introspective while you enjoy some delicious snacks before you take a long nap. Due to its Indica heritage, it’s a great cannabis strain for those who need to treat chronic pain or insomnia.


What Are the Medicinal Benefits of the Cream Cookies Cannabis Strain?

Cream Cookies cannabis strain offers a long-lasting relief for medical patients who need to treat chronic pain, stress, and nausea among others while also reducing anxiety. This Indica-dominant variety will definitely calm you and help you relax while providing relief from aches and mild pain and, if smoked too much, will take you to sleep before you can count to three. This is a great choice for those looking to relax and enjoy a great-tasting smoke.


Are There Adverse Side Effects That Come with Cream Cookies Cannabis Strain Effect?

Now, these effects are not necessarily negative but could be a dealbreaker for some consumers. So the negative side effects are usually dry mouth, which is pretty common among all cannabis strains. Another side effect is red eyes and extreme relaxation, but as mentioned, this is not exclusive to the Cream Cookies cannabis strain as all other cannabis strains have similar adverse side effects.


Does The Cream Cookies Cannabis Strain Really Taste Like Cookies and Cream?

Yes, expect that classic Girl Scout Cookies taste with a strong creamy background and a rich and boldly Kush flavor that comes hand-in-hand with deliciously sweet undertones. Remember that flushing before harvest and a proper trimming, drying, and curing will enhance the aromas and flavors, allowing you to taste the true flavor this cannabis strain has to offer.