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Strain History: BubbleGum

15 May 2020
The most delicious old-school classic and its new faster version Original Auto BubbleGum
15 May 2020
6 min read
Strain History: BubbleGum

Just like most of the classic cannabis strains, BubbleGum’s origin is not completely known. Just about everyone who tries a good version of Bubblegum will enjoy it immensely, this extremely sweet strain is believed to have originated in the U.S. before becoming a staple of pretty much every coffee shop in Amsterdam.

1. The History of BubbleGum

For many years it was believed BubbleGum was really a Dutch strain, little did they now, BubbleGum was originally created in the U.S.

Although the Dutch versions are the ones best known by everyone, there is a reason for that. For many years the accelerating cannabis laws in The Netherlands allowed a rapidly increasing breeding and improvement of cannabis genetics, completely different from the U.S in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Back at that time, everything related to cannabis was done hidden.

The history of BubbleGum begins in 1989, in Indiana to be exact. An unknown American grower produced a distinctly fruity strain that had that classic tutti-frutti smell of bubblegum. 

It became so popular that the genetics reached the East Coast where she won two Cannabis Cup awards in 1994 and second place both in 1995 and 1999.


Strain History: BubbleGum Auto by Fast Buds

Original Auto BubbleGum from our grower MaryJaneLover from GrowDiaries.

This made BubbleGum a very sought after strain, people from all over the world wanted to put their hands on her seeds and the genetics ended up in Amsterdam in two very famous seed banks. The head breeders were quick to appreciate the unique terpene profile of this plant and began producing their own versions.

Even if its lineage it's unknown to this day, other breeders attempted to improve and slightly modify the original bubblegum flavor, which resulted in super famous strains like Bubblelicious and Double Bubble.

This helped BubbleGum become a staple and one of the most delicious strains found in every coffeeshop in Amsterdam.

2. Original Auto BubbleGum: The Fruity Deliciousness

This old-school gem was redeveloped by Fast Buds to provide an exceptionally good-smelling strain even to beginners. Original Auto BubbleGum is a strain that grows well in all climates and has a strong resistance to long dry periods and harsh climates.

BubbleGum Auto
5 out of 5
The plant is as good as any but the high is something else. In my top 5 for potency and hands down the strongest auto I’ve smoked.
Verified customer
Reviewed 30 September 2022

Thanks to her Indica and Sativa heritage Original Auto BubbleGum takes up a lot of nutrients and can grow quite tall (up to 130cm), her thin leaves and bushy characteristics will resemble a Christmas tree.

You can expect this girl to mature in around 9 weeks and produce up to 20% THC, her buds will be super dense and completely encrusted in trichomes that reek of an extremely delicious fruity and sweet aroma with a strawberry edge that will make you feel like you’re in a field of strawberries.


Strain History: Close Look at BubbleGum Auto by Fast Buds

Original Auto BubbleGum from our grower ExcessDope from GrowDiaries.

Her flavor is as intense as her aroma, reminds you of a strawberry smoothie combined with an earthy funk, it will leave your mouth as if you were applying berry lip balm with every puff.

The delicious bubblegum taste comes hand in hand with an upbeat and joyful high. An excellent choice for socializing, inspiring creativity, or keeping you motivated throughout the day.

3. Most Common Questions

•  Is BubbleGum and Indica or Sativa?

This strain is a well-balanced Sativa-dominant hybrid, usually consists of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica.

•  What does BubbleGum taste like?

As the name implies, it tastes literally like Bubblegum.  The flavor may have a stronger hint of cherry or strawberries depending on the phenotype.

•  Is Bubblegum Kush the same as BubbleGum?

No, Bubblegum Kush is a cross between OG Kush and the original BubbleGum.


Strain History: BubbleGum Auto by Fast Buds

Original Auto BubbleGum from our grower Satori_Hanso from GrowDiaries.

•  How does BubbleGum make you feel?

Bubble gum has a very balanced effect, delivers a mood-enhancing high that keeps you motivated throughout the day.

•  What strains are similar to the Original BubbleGum?

Strains with similar effects are Pineapple Express and Purple Diesel, Strains with similar taste and smell are Strawberry Cough and Fastberry.

4. BubbleGum Terpene Profile

The sweet bubblegum aroma produced by the Original Auto BubbleGum may vary depending on the phenotype, generally, the mix of terpenes that creates this delicious taste is the following (approximately).

Main terpenes: Caryophyllene 0.55%, Humulene 1.41%, Pinene 0.26%, Myrcene 0.08%;

Secondary Terpenes: Linalool, Limonene, and Terpinolene all found in concentrations less than 0.02%.


Strain History: Big BubbleGum Auto buds

Original Auto BubbleGum from our grower ElChicoDelaWeed from GrowDiaries.

5. Grow Tips

Original Auto BubbleGum can grow bushy and can grow tall in some cases, it is best suited for growers who have plenty of space in their grow room. Her bushiness will produce an abundance of smaller leaves that are covered in precious trichomes, so it’s perfect for growers who love to make extracts.

This strain is well known for being a heavy feeder, this means she will grow big. We recommend plant training during the first 4 weeks, even the most simple LST can be done by beginners and will enhance yields even further.

6. In Conclusion

The Original Auto BubbleGum doesn’t get its fame for nothing. Originally from Indiana, her extremely sweet aroma made her famous all around the globe, leading to winning numerous awards and becoming one of the most common (and delicious) strains in Amsterdam.

Our team recommends this strain to all smokers that love old-school classics. Her high won’t disappoint and her unique terpene profile will leave you wanting for more. This girl is recommended as an everyday smoke as it will enhance your mood and keep you highly motivated all throughout the day.