Girl Scout Cookies Auto Strain History

19 July 2022
Girl Scout Cookies is an enigmatic cannabis strain that has aroused a lot of interest from cannabis users and growers alike. Read on to know how the strain originated, and why it's so special.
19 July 2022
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Girl Scout Cookies Auto Strain History

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  • 1. Genetics and origin of the girl scout cookies
  • 2. History of the autoflower girl scout cookies
  • 3. What makes the girl scout cookies auto so special?
  • 4. How to grow girl scout cookies auto?
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Many cannabis strains are hyped beyond imagination, but a few of them really deserve all the attention. The hullabaloo around a marijuana strain named Girl Scout Cookies may make you wonder about the origins of the strain. Often, a strain becomes famous not only for the effects but for the creator and the circumstances in which it was bred. Of course, you can’t ignore the genetics that plays an important role. And, the name matters too. At the end of the day, no matter how famous a strain becomes, it all boils down to whether it really works. Does it live up to the hype? Is it really authentic? Does the strain help you in any way? Or is it just one of those hybrid strains that can easily be replaced by one of the thousand strains that exist already?

Interestingly, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is a great performer regardless of the hype surrounding her. Rappers like Wiz Khalifa and Berner can attest to that. Not only does the strain deliver powerful effects, but dispensaries also appreciate the sales because of customers emptying the shelves on a daily basis. If you’ve ever wondered about the history and genetics of the Girl Scout Cookies, you’re certainly not the first. And if she’s your favorite among the many strains you’ve tried, we can’t blame you either. So, let’s take a look at the history of this beautiful strain that has captured the interest of marijuana users all over the world.

1. Genetics and Origin of the Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is not an old strain. In fact, it was introduced somewhere around 2014. Due to this reason, you can see a few different phenotypes occurring when you grow the plant. Thin Mint Cookies and Platinum Cookies are some of the most popular phenotypes originating because of GSC.

Additionally, the strain isn’t very easy to grow, yet many growers refuse to give up and doggedly pursue the strain. Why? It’s because the strain’s ultra-powerful. And the solid genes of the GSC may have contributed to its popularity. Many people even question if they have a true GSC or a fake one.


Girl scout cookies auto strain history: origins

Beautiful Girl Scout Cookies buds.

You can put your doubts to rest now as we attempt to clear the fog surrounding this beautiful strain. You’ve probably heard of Berner, right? Apparently obsessed with cannabis, he has dedicated a lot to marijuana. However, not many people know how marketing works in the cannabis industry. In this era of Instagram influencers, it shouldn’t be surprising to discover that Berner has solid links with growers in the Bay Area. Since growing cannabis is illegal in many locations, it’s quite difficult to point out the exact breeder who came up with GSC. Will the one with the real GSC please stand up?! However, many sources suggest that it was a grower named “Pie Guy” that was responsible for GSC.

What made the GSC different was that Pie Guy gave samples to his family and friends rather than simply releasing them to pubs or customers. Word of mouth is an extremely powerful marketing tactic, but it works only if your product is unbeatable. Since GSC really had the ability to live up to its name, Pie Guy took a chance. The taste and the effects of the strain soon became popular. An Instagram handle named “The Cookies Fam” gives you further clues about GSC, but you’ll also realize that the original Cookies strain as a result of breeding two mega-powerful strains that had their roots inching back to South Africa and Afghanistan.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto
Girl Scout Cookies Auto
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According to a story, Jigga415 – a grower posting the story of GSC – the Kush traveled to Frisco from Florida in 1994. Excited to catch hold of such a robust strain, they crossed it with a Durban Poison phenotype that originated in South Africa. The strains were crossed again with a Kush they had developed themselves, and that’s how the Girl Scout Cookies arrived. So, to summarize, Girl Scout Cookies is an exclusive combination of Cherry Pie, OG Kush, and Durban Poison. With notes of mint, vanilla, and distinctive aromas that reminded you of freshly baked cookies, it was obvious that the cannabis community would love the strain.

2. History of the Autoflower Girl Scout Cookies

At Fastbuds, we’re always on the lookout for strains that make a difference. We prefer strains that are not only valued by recreational users but are also treasured by medical cannabis users. After all, what is the point of cannabis if it doesn’t deliver medical benefits? When we first heard of the GSC, we decided to test the strain. Was the strain worth it? You bet it was! GSC wasn’t special only because of the aroma or flavor, but it had a high THC content that could help treat the symptoms of a myriad of illnesses including Glaucoma, Asthma, Chronic pain, Migraines, and several types of headaches.

Granted, it took years of research to develop a better strain using the original, but we never gave up. We began with two phenotypes of the original that resulted in a stable strain. The next task was to cross them with an autoflower from our very own collection to create autoflower Girl Scout Cookies. Ultimately, we ended up with a hybrid that displayed an Indica dominance, much like the original GSC.

However, our autoflower version has enough Sativa to keep that grogginess at bay. No couch-lock either. On the contrary, the strain we developed has the tendency to clear the user’s head. It provides so much clarity that it’s worth all the hard work.

3. What makes the Girl Scout Cookies Auto so special?

The aroma this strain exudes is absolutely indescribable. It’s a bit skunky, yet minty at the same time. It’s also laced with earthy undertones combined with a rich, creamy sweetness. As you’ve probably surmised by now, the effects of this plant are sought by most cannabis users. It’s a pleasure to smoke a strain that gives you a balanced effect, rather than something that delivers a complete psychoactive or couch-lock effect. The GSC excels in this department. She doesn’t make you giddy or sluggish, but gives just the right amount of high, thereby making the experience pleasurable and memorable for you.

Depending on how the plant is grown, it can deliver a powerful body buzz at times. Typically, the GSC is perfect for you if you’re looking for a strain that fires up your creative juices, but she’s not a wake-and-bake strain. Yes, you will laugh, and perhaps roll on the floor too, but the body buzz that settles after the creative high can relax you a bit more than expected. So, remember to indulge only at nighttime.


Girl scout cookies auto strain history: what makes it special?

Extremely resinous GSC flowers.

She’s a diverse strain that can be enjoyed on any occasion as long as you understand your own capacity. Basically, start with small doses and see how you adapt to the strain, rather than smoking a concentrate at the very first go. Speaking of which, she’s amazing to make edibles and concentrates. Whether it’s Budder, Shatter, Butane Hash Oil, Rosin, or Cannabis Oil, the GSC will make your heart’s desire come true. Medical marijuana users can make concentrate using the buds. You’ll also sleep better, thanks to the THC. And it goes without saying that GSC is the one for you if you suffer from insomnia. Additionally, the GSC makes you happy, calm, and clear-headed. You’ll feel pristine, with no negative feelings lingering around you. This is also why it’s used by many patients that suffer from depression and anxiety. True to her genetics, the GSC packs a perfect punch that uplifts and heals you.

4. How to grow Girl Scout Cookies Auto?

Girl Scout Cookies is unique. You’d be surprised to find variations in every single plant, and it’s especially true for photoperiod strains. However, our GSC auto is pretty stable with characteristics that are similar to the original strain. Growing cannabis is an art and it takes a special kind of patience to grow any strain. Similarly, you just need to be patient even with GSC auto. Apart from feeding her on time and providing a good container, the plant doesn’t require extra attention.

Coming to the growth of the plant, she will grow at least 3.5 feet tall like most autos. Whether you grow her outdoors or indoors, the THC content can go up to 22 percent, making her exemplary for both medical and recreational users. The GSC is especially renowned for the colors she displays. She will draw your attention away from everything else, and like a bee around a juicy flower, you’ll be unable to resist her. Whether it’s the orange pistils combined with a reddish hue or the purple leaves that sometimes turns into neon orange, she will captivate you.


Girl scout cookies auto strain history: how to grow it

Girl Scout Cookies plants fading on the last weeks of flower.

The trichomes are worthy of mention. The strain has high THC, so the trichomes play an important role in the plant’s development. As she grows further in the flowering cycle, it’s a beautiful sight to see the plant covered in white trichomes. She’s a voracious feeder, so be prepared to provide extra nutrients to get the best results. The flowering time extends only about 9 weeks, and you’ll be surprised to harvest yummy buds in no time. If dank powerful buds are your thing, our Girl Scout Cookie Auto will leave no stone unturned to impress you!

5. Girl Scout Cookies Strain FAQS

Can the Girl Scout Cookies Strain Have Medical Use?

This variety has been used in the treatment of many conditions but is mainly used to combat stress. This variety is perfect for relaxing after a long day of work as the effect starts with a gentle head rush that gradually turns into a strong neurotic high perfect to combat depression, and anxiety and calm down your nerves.


What Are the Tastes of the Girl Scout Cookies Strain?

This variety offers the true OG Kush flavor with sweet hints of candy and mint which translates to a distinct brown sugar flavor mixed with pepper, nutmeg, and other spices and a strong earthy background, which combined with its effect, it’s what made it so popular all over the world.


How’s the Smell of the GSC Strain?

The GSC cannabis strain exhales a delicious aroma that smells just like it tastes. Expect a strong earthy background that reveals hints of chocolate and spiciness as you break the buds apart.


How's the High of the GSC strain?

The effects offered by the GSC strain are quite potent and sought after by consumers looking for an overall happy and energetic effect. The high starts in the head with a boost of creativity and energy that turns into a more corporal high, allowing you to unwind, and placing you in a good vibes state. Just keep in mind that the energetic effect will gradually turn into a more narcotic high that spreads throughout the body, leaving you with a strong feeling of relaxation.


What Strains Were Used to Breed the Girl Scout Cookies Strain?

The parents of the GSC cannabis strain are unknown but it’s said that the variety is a cross between the world-famous OG Kush, an unknown F1, and a hybrid Durban Poison cannabis strain.