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The Top 5 Best Autoflower Strains for Insomnia

Stop tossing and turning! Fast Buds runs down the top five strains that will deliver you softly into a peaceful slumber, or the might just knock you out
Author Ryan
04 July 2018
3 min read
The Top 5 Best Autoflower Strains for Insomnia

  • 1. West coast og
  • 2. Rhino ryder
  • 3. Fastberry
  • 4. Lsd-25
  • 5. Pineapple express

It's 2 A.M., you're wide awake and have to be to work in less than six hours. What're you going to do? Booze or sleep medication will leave you a zombie in the morning. Counting sheep does nothing. A good smoke, on the other hand, will leave you sober and clear-headed come morning and still deliver you to a restful slumber. What strain should you choose? That's complicated, but the general rule is to steer clear of sativas, or pick your favorite from these five heavy-hitting Fast Buds autoflower strains.

West Coast OG

Fast Buds' West Coast OG Kush

Sometimes its best to stick with the classics. West Coast OG is Fast Buds autoflowering version of the beloved and legendary OG Kush. The strain is known for inducing euphoria, relaxation, and making smokers laugh their ass off. Despite its history of social use, we'll tell you this; nobody's ever had a hard time falling asleep after smoking some OG Kush. When you absolutely have to get to sleep, accept no substitutes.

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Rhino Ryder

Fast Buds Rhino Ryder

This autoflower take on the legendary Medicine Man, AKA White Rhino, will knock you out. Originally a popular medical strain for chronic pain, and chemotherapy-related nausea, these genetics have proven themselves over decades of use in California and elsewhere. Rhino Ryder is a heavy indica that will stop your racing mind, and ease you to sleep with a powerful and pleasant body buzz. Don't smoke it when you're not planning to sleep, because it will leave you locked on the couch every time.

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Fast Buds Autoflower Blueberry, Fast Berry

Like Rhino Ryder, Fastberry is an autoflowering version of another Cali curative Cannabis Classic. The legendary Blueberry has served as the genetic backbone of dozens of famous and fashionable strains, but Fast Buds went back to the fundamentals and crafted an autoflowering version of the original. Its indica body buzz will send you to sleep no matter how stressed out you are. Did we mention its also our fastest growing strain? Full harvests in just eight weeks are not uncommon.

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Fast Buds LSD-25
LSD-25 is a strain that will help you relax and put the day's worries out of your mind. The indica relaxation and accompanying couch-lock make insomnia a thing of the past, while the mild psychedelia this purple wonder induces will send you smoothly into dreamland. It's a short, fast grower, perfect for discreet growers. If you have the luxury of being open about your hobby, LSD-25's unique with fantastic violet coloring will blow away your friends who will have to know how you grow such dank weed.

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Pineapple Express

Fast Buds Pineapple Express
Pineapple Express is what you want when you're planning to hang out and laugh with your friends, but the same chemicals that make you relaxed and giggly, also make you sleepy. Our Pineapple Express is equally suited for watching stoner comedies and trying to get some sleep before a hard day of work. It's not a one-hit knockout, but it'll slide you slowly and peacefully into a good night's sleep. As Fast Buds' master grower Hawkbo put it, "Just smoked it for the first time today and felt focused but laid back. I would say it's mostly a night time smoke. Definitely at the higher end of the THC average. The only strain that got me more lit than this one was the Tangie'Matic. Respect."

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Author Ryan
04 July 2018