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Biggest Joint Ever - The Craziest Marijuana Related World Records

28 March 2023
Will you be the one to break the next stoner world record?
28 March 2023
15 min read
Biggest Joint Ever - The Craziest Marijuana Related World Records

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  • 1. The person who has smoked most joints in the world
  • 2. The world's largest joint ever rolled
  • 3. The world's most gigantic blunt ever
  • 4. The world's most expensive joint ever rolled
  • 5. The world's steamiest and biggest hotbox ever
  • 6. The largest dab in the world record
  • 7. The world's biggest illegal plantation of marijuana plants
  • 8. World record to the biggest autoflowering plant in history
  • 9. The most potent sativa-dominant strain of all time
  • 10. The most potent indica-dominant strain of all time
  • 11. The largest buds ever documented
  • 12. The most ridiculously sized pot brownie ever baked
  • 13. The biggest stash of weed ever seized and destroyed by authorities
  • 14. The most ancient smoke spot ever uncovered
  • 15. The most potent 50/50 hybrid ever recorded
  • 16. The bottom line

Are you bored at home looking for something fun to do? Are you high at home looking for something fun to entertain yourself with? Well, lucky you, we've built this list of the craziest world records related to the culture of cannabis. Who knows? Perhaps this marijuana world records list gives you the necessary motivation to break a world record yourself. Did you know that the first world records book was released back in 1955? This means we've been keeping track of kinda useless historic events in humanity for longer than 60 years. But it's actually a good thing, world records are a fun way to test human limits and register them in time. 


Roll yourself one and dive into the craziest marijuana world records.

Roll yourself one and dive into the craziest marijuana world records.

So, let's get into the biggest and craziest marijuana-related world records in the history of humanity and see if we find the little push you needed to break your own. 


Sebastian Good tells you more about craziest world records.

1. The Person Who Has Smoked Most Joints In The World

Back in the year 2014 the Guinness world record for "the most marijuana consumed" was broken by Irvin Rosenfeld. Irvin, or Irv, earned this title after he claimed, and showed evidence of having smoked more than 115,000 joints. How could he prove this?  


Meet Irvin Rosenfeld, the man who smoked most joints in the world, a record.

Meet Irvin Rosenfeld, the man who smoked most joints in the world, a record.

Well, Irvin is the longest survivor among the two Federal medical marijuana patients in the U.S. He's been receiving 10 medical marijuana joints every day for the last 35 years on behalf of the Federal Government to help him treat a severe bone tumor disorder he's been coping with. However, these numbers are quite outdated since this world record was registered in 2014. Are you wondering how many joints more he's smoked ever since? Us too, let's take out the calculators. 

2. The World's Largest Joint Ever Rolled

Aaaand the world's largest joint ever rolled award goes to... Tony Greenhand! Tony Greenhand, smart word game, is a joint-rolling artist, for real. This guy rolls the craziest joint shapes you'll ever hear of. Examples? He's built Marvel superheroes-shaped joints, smokable Pokemon characters, guns, grenades, weed leaves, and more. So no wonder why this guy turned out to be the one to break the world record for the largest joint ever to be rolled in history. 


Tony Greenhand building the world's biggest joint ever rolled.

Tony Greenhand building the world's biggest joint ever rolled.

It was in 2016, as a celebration for the stoners' global holiday 4/20, when over the course of 5 days Greenhand rolled a 4.20 pound (1.90 kg) joint. It consisted of a watermelon-shaped joint that counted with a specifically built base for it to be comfortably sitting while he smoked from the hose he attached to it for proper smoking.

3. The World's Most Gigantic Blunt Ever

In the same line of biggest something ever, there's the biggest blunt ever to be rolled record. This stoner world record was broken sort of recently ago, in the year 2017 by an American cannabis company. 


Check out the world's largest blunt, the Bazooka Blunt.

Check out the world's largest blunt, the Bazooka Blunt.

The world's biggest blunt ever built contained 5 pounds of marijuana (2.26 kg), which probably represents a couple of thousands of dollars. It took the members of the company about one day to grind all of the necessary weed to roll the huge bazooka shapes blunt. When it came to the smoking part, this blunt lasted for about 4 hours to be smokedsmoking party anyone? Bring some friends for back up.

4. The World's Most Expensive Joint Ever Rolled

Are you sure you're ready for this one? Back in 2018 at a party thrown by an American cannabis farm the most expensive joint in the world was rolled. What did it consist of? The following:

  • 1.5 pounds (0.86 kg) of premium quality marijuana flowers;
  • Bubble hash;
  • Solventless concentrate;
  • 24-karat gold rolling papers, fancy enough?

But what was the special occasion? Well, the farm felt like celebrating the legalization of recreational cannabis in California, can we please be friends? However, the sad news is these guys didn't actually smoke this historic 30 inches joint, they auctioned it for $24.000 US dollars. 

5. The World's Steamiest and Biggest Hotbox Ever

A good ol' hotbox is a fun experience every stoner likes to enjoy every now and then. If you're sort of new to the stoner world, allow us to define the meaning of hotbox before we continue so you can follow us through. 


A hotbox is an airtight closed room or vehicle where one or a group of stoners carry the tradition of smoking one or a couple of joints inside. The smoke exhaled by the stoners and the one coming from the joint is locked inside the room, the hotbox, filling up the place. The smokers in the room are then  continuously breathing in the smoke, which is believed to enhance the high effects. 

So, the world's most legendary hotbox record was set back in the year 2016 by a group of enthusiast stoners. It was in 2016 in Barcelona, Spain, where the group of determined stoners lit 800 grams of dab.


The world record to the biggest hotbox burned over 800 grams of dab.

The world record to the biggest hotbox burned over 800 grams of dab.

Within the first few seconds, a whole room was filled with marijuana smoke. To be honest, it was quite a waste of material. 

6. The Largest Dab In the World Record

The stoner world record for the largest dab in the world was attributed to another American dab company. It was in 2015 when the company hosted an event specifically organized with this goal in mind: breaking the previously existing dabbing record of 90 grams. Did they succeed? The group broke the record by far, over four times more, with almost 420 grams of hash (422 grams), sparking up the dab of their lives, and the dab of history. 

7. The World's Biggest Illegal Plantation of Marijuana Plants

I bet not even the cultivators behind this were aware of the fact that they were making history at that moment. Ten years ago, back in 2011, the Mexican police discovered an illegal weed plantation, which turned out to be the largest marijuana plantation ever to be found. 


The World's Biggest Illegal Plantation of Marijuana Plants

The world's largest marijuana plantation in a remote desert area near Baja California, Mexico.

The legendary cannabis plantation consisted of 300 acres of land housing more than tens of thousands of marijuana plants, of which many reached heights of almost 2.5 meters tall. This world record plantation was disguised among tomato and chili plants in a remote desert area near the state of Baja California. Sadly, the police destroyed the crops, which would have had a value of approximately $160 million U.S. dollars.

8. World Record To The Biggest Autoflowering Plant in History

Now place your bets, was the biggest marijuana plant ever cultivated a photoperiod or an autoflower? Surprise, it was an auto! Amazing right? The biggest weed plant ever to be recorded in history was an autoflowering strain that gave fruits to a total of 1.125 kilograms of marijuana buds, yum!

Nevertheless, experts have the theory that the plant would have produced 150 grams more if it would have been provided with better levels of moisture, or if the cultivator would have given the plant her time to finish her growing process. See the importance of growing your plant right now? We know that most likely all your brain can think of right now is 'how did he do it?!' To our luck, this cultivator is also a YouTuber and has kept track of the whole growing process for this beast.


Find out how the world's largest weed plant was cultivated.

Find out how the world's largest weed plant was cultivated.

He uses a spare room as his indoor with a single 600-watt HPS Apollo setup and a UFO hood. Further, into the process he'll transfer his baby monsters under an 800 Watts Black Diamond full spectrum LED light setup, aimed at making the buds denser before the harvesting time has arrived. Is that it? Of course not. This weed cultivation master uses a different airflow than the usual grower. With a closed system, he uses a timer and stays between 800 to 1200 ppm, and when the lights turn off, it drops to 600 ppm. The temperature is kept at a steady 25° C (78° F) when the lights are on.

And even when he doesn't use CO2 in his tent set up, the one coming in from the house, which contains higher CO2 (coming from the air we exhale) is just right for his plants. Now this might all be slightly overwhelming for you if you're a newbie to weed cultivation, but cheer up! You might be the one to break the next record if you keep up!

9. The Most Potent Sativa-dominant Strain of All Time

There has never been a time when cannabis breeders and cultivators haven’t tried to tip the scales when it comes to THC content, which leads us to the question - what is the strongest Sativa-dominant strain ever tested? There are a few that are worthy of mention, but we are only interested in number one for today’s list.

Memory Loss is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain (70% Sativa/30% Indica) that is maybe the most aptly named strain of all time. In terms of THC content, we are looking at a ridiculous 31-32% average THC level. The effects are said to be hugely cerebral, with a high that hits quick and hard. Forget trying to focus for the next few hours after smoking Memory Loss, with even the most basic tasks becoming a mammoth effort. This strain does provide some pretty obvious medical benefits, with relief from muscle spasms and tremors, as well as help for insomniacs and people struggling with eating issues.

10. The Most Potent Indica-dominant Strain of All Time

Ok, so Memory Loss is the heaviest Sativa, but how about our old friend - the couch-locking Indica? Well, sit down and say hello to the beast that is Grandmommy Purple. Topping out at 33% THC when grown in perfect conditions, these absolute brute of a strain will have even the most seasoned stones flat on their backs in no time at all. If you are searching for a strain that will provide a high that takes you back to the early days of your smoking career then this is the one for you! Get ready to giggle, and get ready to be about as hungry as you have ever been. Grandmommy Purple also comes with some awesome medicinal properties that can help users with chronic pain issues, and those among us that struggle to sleep for more than a few hours at a time. 

11. The Largest Buds Ever Documented

Look, this one is a little contentious. There are a bunch of growers out there who claim to have grown the biggest buds ever seen but without proof or documentation, it is pretty hard to believe these claims, or verify them in any way whatsoever. After scouring the web, we can safely say that the biggest verifiable buds that are also very decent quality we have ever seen come from a cultivator by the YouTube handle of Urbanremo. Does he grow the biggest nugs of all time? Well, that’s certainly debatable, but just make sure to check out theridiculous colas! Some are literally the size of a small dog, and that is no exaggeration. What’s Remo’s secret? Well, be sure to check out his whole channel, as he has some great content breaking down everything you need to know so you can also grow shit-zu-sized buds.

12. The Most Ridiculously Sized Pot Brownie Ever Baked

An idea was cooked up back in 2020 by the magicians over at MariMed of Massachusetts. An idea so wild they weren't sure whether they could even physically pull it off, let alone have an over big enough. But, after months of careful planning and deliberation, the team at MariMed pulled off a pretty incredible feat...

They went old school, bucked the current edible trend of 'anything but a brownie', and delivered a whopping 850 lb space cake/weed brownie. Think about that for a hot second, that's over 350 kgs of delicious, mouth-watering, stoney old chocolatey goodness straight from one of the best weed bakeries country-wide.


The Most Ridiculously Sized Pot Brownie Ever Baked

The beast of a brownie contained around 20000 mg of THC!

And to say they blew the previous record clean outta the water would be an understatement. The previous record holder's cake weighed in at a measly 234 pounds, less than a third of the new crown holder. The beast of a brownie used over 1300 eggs, 120 pounds of chocolate powder, a quarter ton of sugar, 200 plus pounds of premium butter, and 90 odd pounds of flour. And that's not even mentioning the 5 pounds of vanilla extract. 5 pounds of the stuff. Holy Moley Batman.


The cake contained around 20000 mg of THC. A normal, recommended dose of THC in an edible is around 10 mg for regular consumers, so that makes this a 2000-slice brownie. Impressive stuff indeed! That's enough cheeba to get a blue whale blazed af! MariMed is now the proud holder of not only one, but two world records for ridiculously sized cannabis edibles. And no doubt, they're looking to add even more of these accolades to their portfolio in the future. We'll have to wait and see what other crazy ideas they come up with next.

13. The Biggest Stash of Weed Ever Seized and Destroyed by Authorities

For this one, we are going to have to travel over to the middle-east, and into Afghanistan to be precise. While there may have been larger bounties stumbled across in early history (not likely, but possible), the largest recorded seizure of a single stash of cannabis happened all the way back in 2008.  The Iraq/Afghanistan war was in full effect, and with the political turmoil came a huge crackdown on both cannabis and opium poppy farming. One of the oldest and most potent landraces (that's the term for native, untouched strains) of cannabis hails from these lands, and for centuries untold weed cultivation and consumption has been a true way of life. But 2008 was a very different time to now, and the USA was still pushing the war on drugs in a very aggressive manner. With the troops came the DEA, and with the DEA came a massive bust of one particular mountain area.

In what was dubbed 'Operation Mountain Sweep', authorities seized over 52000 pounds of premium, undried, and uncured Hindu Kush ganja gold in just one go. The total haul was estimated to be worth around 250 million USD, though it may have been valued considerably higher on the street. The stash was destroyed on the spot, with the resulting weed pile burning for over a week, and no one ever got to enjoy any of this premium herb (apart from possibly some lucky GIs and DEA agents standing in the area...). But hey, at least the world record is most likely set forever now in terms of the biggest weed bust ever.

14. The Most Ancient Smoke Spot Ever Uncovered

Weed and humans have evolved side by side, with signs of cannabis usage dating back to Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (8800–6500 BCE) based on archaeological evidence. And that's just what has been uncovered. It's more than likely that we upright apes have been enjoying the good old satans spinach for as long as we, and it, have been around. It's easy to imagine our ancestors (and not even just homo-sapiens, but our pre-human predecessors too) taking up around a campfire after a hard day's hunt. We know that weed has been growing wild in multiple regions where humans and pre-humans have resided for multiple millennia, and to think that we weren't intrigued by this interesting, pungent plant that produced shiny flowers and offered a different take on reality when inhaled is bordering on ludicrous.


The very fact that we have a dedicated bodily system for processing cannabinoids (the Endo-Cannabinoid System or ECS) further lends credence to the argument that humans and cannabis have been forever intertwined. But enough of conjecture - let's take a look at what we know for sure. The earliest sign of human cannabis usage that has been uncovered by modern science is from a temple in western China, dating back to 500 BC - or more than 2500 years ago.

That's right, there is an archaeological dig site in Xinjiang province (just on the border with Kazakhstan) where over 10,000-year-old Bronze Age artifacts have been discovered, including a massive stash of weed and other substances contained in wooden smoking vessels, which closely resemble modern-day chillums. 


The Most Ancient Smoke Spot Ever Uncovered

Signs of cannabis usage dating back to Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (8800–6500 BCE).

The site is called Jirzankal Cemetery in the Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County, and its the most ancient smoke spot ever uncovered. It's only a few kilometers away from the famous 'Silk Road' caravan route, and the type of weed found is a mix between what we know as Indian charas and ancient Central Asian landrace. Researchers were pretty surprised to find that the THC content was pretty much the same as what we consumed up until the early 1970s (when contemporary cannabis breeding really hit the larger scale), indicating that cannabis has not changed much in its potency over the past 2500 years (and who knows how long before that). Cannabis is more than just a fun couple of hours. It is truly intertwined with human history and culture, and further back than we may ever know.

15. The Most Potent 50/50 Hybrid Ever Recorded

While we all know and love our pure Indica and Sativa strains, the cannabis market has slowly been moving more and more toward balanced hybrids. They say you can't have the best of both worlds, but when it comes to the 'erb, you most certainly can. Thanks to the current wave of marijuana legalization sweeping not only North America (that's right Canucks, we know and love what's going on north of the border), but also throughout parts of Europe and Asia, breeders have finally had the chance to come out of the shadows and share their love of the plant. To say weed hasn't gone mainstream in 2023 is just a straight-out fallacy, with Ivy League schools offering cannabis-specific degrees and the majority of the public supporting its legalization.


The Most Potent 50/50 Hybrid Ever Recorded

The most potent 50/50 hybrid tested at 33% THC!

So it should come as no surprise that breeders have been able, in the past 10 years or so, to push through a barrier that many thought impossible. We are talking about the 30% THC mark. For the longest time, anything over 25% THC was thought to be super high potency, and don't get us wrong, that point still stands. But, as the years creep by, more and more strains topping the 30% range hit the market. And so, what is the most potent, most mind-boggling, most ridiculously strong hybrid strain on the market right now? Say hello to Chiquita Banana. Coming in hot from the guys out at Utopia Farms, this almost perfect 50/50 hybrid tips the scales at a wild 33%. I took out multiple awards in not only the High Times Cup but also a range of other award ceremonies and is one of the harder strains to source in dispensaries USA-wide. If you do stumble across it, grab a few buds. It's not only potent as all hell but also super tasty!

16. The Bottom Line

Are world records useful for anything? Most likely not, but still we enjoy learning about them, so why should we allow ourselves some fun every now and then? When it comes to the stoner community, there are still so many more world records to set and discover, who knows, perhaps this article was exactly the inspiration you needed to set your mind to break the next marijuana-related world record. Don't forget to comment on what were your craziest stoner experiences, even if you haven't broken any records!